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Top 12 Health Benefits of Consuming Food Supplements

Food supplements are nutritional healthcare products, extracted from nutrient-dense herbs, or manufactured in laboratories, to provide vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to our body. Food supplements cannot be taken as a replacement for a balanced diet, but only to fulfill the nutritional gap which is left behind due to inadequate intake of a balanced diet.

Food supplements provide the following health benefits to different age groups:

1.    Overcome Nutritional Deficiencies

Overcome Nutritional Deficiencies

In Pakistan, a lot of people are deficient in important nutrients. They may have low economic status, some may have accessibility issues to nutritious foods, some are unable to absorb nutrients properly due to certain health concerns, and others are habitual of consuming unhealthy foods and therefore can’t manage the proper consumption of vitamins and minerals from the food sources.

Due to these reasons, people are encouraged to consume food supplements like Nutrifactor’s Vitamax Women, Vitamax One A Day Multi, and Multifactor, to fulfill their nutrient requirements. 

2.    Good For Prenatal and Post-Natal Nutrient Support

Good For Prenatal and Post-Natal Nutrient Support

Vitamom is a prenatal & postnatal formula that contains 17 vital nutrients to provide nutritional support to women during and after pregnancy. It helps reduce weakness and fatigue among women.

Nuception is another food supplement, which helps support women’s fertility and healthy conception by regulating the hormone levels in the body.

The Folic Acid supplement is advised for women who are planning to conceive or are already pregnant. It helps promote healthy cell division in the fetus, normal red blood cell formation, and reduces the risk of birth defects in newborns.

These food supplements also support a healthy pregnancy and minimize the risk of miscarriage.

3.    Help Promote Healthy Growth and Development of The Kids

Help Promote Healthy Growth and Development of The Kids

Food supplements like Nutrifactor’s Bio Grow Syrup & Bio Grow Gummies contain multivitamins including vitamin A, D, C, E, and B-Complex to support the general health, growth & development of children. These food supplements help to enhance appetite among children, and also provide complete nutritional support to those who are picky eaters. 

Bio Grow Syrup is a unique supplement that contains iron to help in normal red blood cell production and cognitive development.

4.    Help Promote Bone and Joint Health

Help Promote Bone and Joint Health

Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for bone and joint health. According to the national nutrition survey-2018, in Pakistan, 79.7% of women of reproductive age are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The deficiency of calcium and vitamin D leads to osteoporosis. 

To reduce the risk of this issue, there are premium quality food supplements of calcium and vitamin D manufactured by Nutrifactor such as; Bonex-D, Jointin-D, Nuflex, Suncell 5000, Nucal-M, and Nucal-Z. These food supplements help improve joint mobility & cartilage formation, and also help reduce bone & joint pain.

5.    Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Food supplements like Nutrifactor’s Nurilax and Nuroton are highly beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. These food supplements are drug-free, non-habit forming, and help reduce depression, anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. What they actually do, is help regulate the production of relaxing hormones in the body to improve the mood and relax the mind thereby reducing mental stress.

6.    Help Reduce the Symptoms of PCOS and PMS Among Women

Help Reduce the Symptoms of PCOS and PMS Among Women

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition of hormonal imbalance that causes an irregular menstrual cycle in women. Its symptoms include male pattern hair growth on the face, acne, and weight gain. Food supplements like Femrose 500, and Femrose Evening Primrose Oil help reduce the symptoms of PCOS and PMS by regulating the hormonal balance in the body.

7.    Beneficial For Weight Management

Beneficial For Weight Management

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. Everyone wants his/her body in shape to look better and more confident. Food supplements like Leanax, and Lipozin help boost the metabolism, burn fats and also inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. Thus, helping in healthy weight management. 

8.    Help Improve Athletic Performance

Help Improve Athletic Performance

An athlete needs more energy and nutrients than a common person. For that purpose, athletes are encouraged to consume good quality food supplements like Nutrifactor’s L-Arginine. L-Arginine helps promote muscle protein formation, increase the stamina of the athletes, and support their reproductive health. 

L-Arginine is a precursor of Nitric Oxide, which is involved in the dilation of blood vessels for smooth blood flow. This increased blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles of athletes ultimately help in increasing their athletic performance.

Tribulus Terrestris is another food supplement that helps increase stamina, energy, and performance in men as well as providing fertility support to them.

9.    Help Promote Healthy Vision

Help Promote Healthy Vision

Food supplements like Opti Vision and Visionex Syrup help improve vision by providing Lutein and Zeaxanthin, the essential carotenoids, necessary for eye health. These carotenoids act as antioxidants, neutralize the free radicals, and reduce oxidative stress in the body. They also protect the eyes from the damage of ultraviolet radiations and the harmful effects of blue light.  

10.    Help Boost the Immune System

Help Boost the Immune System

The immune system is the defense system of our body. And the healthy immune system protects us from harmful pathogens and chemicals in a better way. We need to keep boosting our immune system with potent antioxidants like vitamin C, and zinc. Food supplements like Nutrifactor’s Nutra C Plus, Extra-C, Nutri-C 1000, and Nuzinc, help boost our immune system by providing maximum antioxidant support, fighting free radicals, and reducing oxidative stress in the body.

11.    Help Reduce Insomnia and Promote a Healthy Sleep

Help Reduce Insomnia and Promote a Healthy Sleep

Good quality sleep is better for a productive mind to work with great focus and concentration. A lot of people in Pakistan are suffering from insomnia. But there are good quality food supplements like Nutrifactor’s Melatonix, Melatonin, and Sleep Well available in Pakistan to help with insomnia. These food supplements help regulate the production of neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain, to support a good mood and quality sleep.

12.    Help Reduce the Sign of Premature Aging of The Skin

Help Reduce the Sign of Premature Aging of The Skin

Premature aging occurs due to loss of collagen, reduced hydration status, and less consumption of vital nutrients in the body. In this condition, a person looks older than the actual age. These signs of premature aging are more prominent on the skin of women than men. Nutrifactor has manufactured good quality food supplements like Rinklex, Butex, Gencell, Gluta Fair, Glutazon, Nutri Collagen, Dermazon, and Gluta Glime, to help reduce the signs of premature aging, and support healthy & vibrant skin.










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