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Top 5 Biotin Supplements for Hair Fall Due to Weather Change

Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is derived from the Greek word “Biotos” which means life, sustenance, or nourishment. It means biotin is an essential vitamin that provides nourishment to our body for a healthy life. Biotin is always glamourized for its role in hair health, as it helps reduce hair fall and makes hair strong, and nothing is wrong with this concept. In fact, biotin contributes as an important cofactor to energy production, in addition to providing hair health benefits.

Role of Biotin in Controlling Hair Fall Due to Weather Change:

Many people suffer from hair fall issues as the weather fluctuates. The hair fall issue is common in the winter season. Because the dry air in the environment absorbs the moisture from our scalp, causes hair damage, and leads to dandruff on the scalp.

Hair fall is not just because of the weather change. There are other considerable factors such as biotin deficiency due to less consumption of biotin-rich foods or biotin supplements; protein & zinc deficiency and overall multivitamins and multimineral deficiency which put us at a higher risk of hair fall issues.  

How Can We Manage the Hair Fall Issues? 

The most important thing we need to take care of is the hydration status and nutrient content in our body. Make sure to consume enough amount of vitamins and minerals from food or food supplements like biotin supplements to control excessive hair fall.

How Does Biotin Work to Control Hair Fall?

Biotin helps boost keratin production, a protein that is naturally produced in the body to maintain skin, hair, and nails health. Biotin stimulates the growth of the follicles to help make strong and healthy hair. As biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and does not remain for so long in the body that’s why we need to consume it daily. 

What are Good Sources of Biotin?

Egg yolk, nuts & seeds, dairy products, and broccoli are good sources of biotin. You can also take a rich amount of biotin by consuming a good quality biotin supplement.

Which are the Best Biotin Supplements to Reduce Hair Fall? 

Nutrifactor’s Biotin PlusNutinDermazonButex, and Biotin Plus Gummies are the five best biotin supplements to reduce hair fall. They contain a healthy amount of biotin to support strong and lustrous hair as well as nail and skin health. Other than Dermazon, all these biotin supplements contain 2500 mcg of biotin to help reduce hair fall issues, in particular.

In addition to providing a healthy amount of biotin, a couple of these biotin supplements such as Butex & Dermazon, also provide other essential nutrients which are helpful for our healthy appearance and general wellbeing.  

You can take any of these biotin supplements to manage hair fall issues due to weather changes or any other factor.







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