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Healthy Ways to Manage Hair and Scalp Health

Like the skin, our hair are also vulnerable to multiple factors like harmful chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and nutritional deficiencies. The health of our hair can provide insight into our overall health and well-being. Therefore our hair must also get all the essential care and nutrition just like the rest of our body. Adding Cellcense Max Hair Shampoo to your daily haircare routine will provide them the essential care and nourishment they require to look healthier, stronger, and full of shine.


For instance, a person is not being able to provide proper care to hair, but how he or she will get to know about it? Unhealthy hair is characterized by following symptoms;

    Easy to break

    Split ends



    Itchy scalp

In severe cases, alopecia may also occur; a condition known by excessive hair fall causing baldness in the form of circular patches.


Knowing the symptoms can help a lot in diagnosing different issues, but to know the causes is more helpful in preventing the occurrence of such issues. Sensitive hair can get damaged by the toxic effects of some chemicals present in hair-care formulas or by an inappropriate exposure to heat or sunlight. Causes of different hair problems are different according to the nature of the problem.

1.    Dandruff

Dandruff is actually dead skin cells trapped inside hair and this may occur due to oily scalp, some food allergies, use of toxic chemicals or some skin conditions; psoriasis or dermatitis.

2.    Hair Fall

Hair fall has become a common issue in today’s world, and reasons for it can vary from person to person. And, these reasons may include, genetic prevalence, hormonal disturbances, fungal infections, long-term stress, use of toxic hair-care products or some health disorders; hypothyroidism or anemia, etc.

Some medical treatments i.e., chemotherapy, or several nutrient deficiencies including essential fatty acids, protein, zinc and biotin can also lead to varied hair problems.

Diet & Lifestyle advice:

Diet is an important factor in either the prevention or the progression of almost every disease. Similarly, health of the hair depends on what kind of foods we are consuming to promote their health. Foods like nuts, eggs, fatty fish, spinach and seeds are rich in nutrients like, essential fatty acids, biotin, iron and protein, which support and promote the health of hair.

Apart from these dietary modifications, some lifestyle innovations like, regularly moisturizing scalp, avoiding hair-care products with intense effects and limiting unnecessary exposure to heat. Moreover, management of issues like stress and other health complications also becomes a priority to reduce the risk of hair problems.

Dietary supplements to improve hair health:

Sometimes when the problem becomes too big to tackle by modifying diet, dietary supplements can help in this time of need. Dietary supplements rich in essential nutrients and some herb extracts can help to improve hair health.

1.    Max Hair and Max Hair Anti Dandruff Shampoos

These two shampoos are specially designed hair-care formulas containing vital components which are involved in the better hair growth, healthier scalp and fresher look of hair. Max Hair Anti Dandruff is specially manufactured to support a healthy and itch-free scalp, and also to help in reducing dandruff production.

2.    Nutin and Biotin Plus

These Biotin rich dietary supplements are helpful in maintaining healthy hair and glowing skin. As mentioned earlier, some skin problems can also cause hair problems, thus these two are perfect formulas for managing hair problems. Moreover, Biotin Plus also has good amount of Folic acid to provide extra support to hair.

3.    Dermazon and Maxzoom

Both of these dietary supplements contain a complete pack of vital nutrients, which not only supports hair health, but also helps to improve skin and nail condition. Moreover, the nutrients present in these dietary supplements are also helpful in boosting energy metabolism, improving cartilage formation and enhancing mineral absorption.



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