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Foods That are Highly Rich in Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an important part of several body mechanisms. It also has other names like Vitamin H or Vitamin B7. Biotin can be obtained from multiple food sources or high-quality supplements which contain rich amounts of biotin.

Why do we need biotin?

Biotin is required by our body for multiple health benefits which involve a better look of skin & hair, increased thrust in energy levels, and cellular growth & development. As biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, it doesn’t store in our body and therefore must be taken daily. Besides, like other nutrients, biotin’s daily requirement also varies with age and by gender.

Some studies also show biotin’s contribution to the maintenance of digestive and nervous system health.

Biotin-rich foods

Several foods contain a little to a high amount of biotin. But foods that are highly rich in biotin include organ meat (liver), egg yolk, fish, nuts, and seeds. To completely fulfill the need for this nutrient, it is also suggested to use high-quality dietary supplements to prevent any kind of deficiency symptoms. Although the absorption of nutrients from foods gets comprised of multiple factors, it is a wise option to consume biotin-rich foods besides biotin supplements.

Foods that are highly rich in biotin content are enlisted below;

    Liver Meat

    Egg Yolk

    Salmon Fish

Having added one of these foods to the daily diet, and using good-quality supplements regularly can help with fulfilling the biotin deficiency.

A quick fact!

Avidin is a type of protein that is present in egg whites. It tightly holds the biotin, present in eggs, and doesn’t let its absorption. Whereas, cooking the eggs denatures the avidin, and makes the biotin available for absorption. Hence, people who like to eat raw eggs must avoid this habit to protect their hair, skin, and nails from unwanted damage.

Use of supplements

Using dietary supplements to enhance biotin levels in the body is a healthy option. Anyone who is looking for a quick improvement in skin texture or hair strength can opt for high-quality biotin supplements.

Biotin Plus and Nutin contain a good amount of Biotin which is enough for helping hair become strong and skin look healthy. These dietary supplements can be used for the management of excessive hair fall, dry skin, and brittle nails. Biotin is necessary for the synthesis of Keratin; an essential protein present in the structures of hair and nail cells. To enhance palatability and adaptation, Biotin Plus also comes in a gummy form with great taste and similar health benefits.



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