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Best Immune-Boosting Supplements in Pakistan

We buy something exotic, and then do our best to keep it safe from any sort of harm or damage. Similarly, our health needs the same level of concern, or maybe of a higher extent, because if the health is not up to its best level, our potential will fall to its minimum.

What immune system actually is?

For the protection of the body, a natural and effective system has been formed to tackle the attack of foreign bodies or pathogens. The first barrier our immune system proposes is the physical resistance of the skin, whereas on an advanced level when pathogens somehow succeed to get through the skin, the chemical (antibodies and antioxidants) barrier comes into play.

Moreover, the nature of the immune system is divided into 2 categories, the one that comes with birth, and is known as innate immunity while the other category is characterized by the adaptive behavior against the harsh conditions our bodies face throughout the passing age and known as the adaptive immune system.

When and how the supplements help in boosting the immune system?

Although our immune system is packed with a variety of immune-boosting enzymes, cells, and antioxidants, but still, in some conditions (diseases, severe infections, allergies, etc.) when these immune-boosting structures are not enough to support the defense against the unfavorable conditions, the body may need an extra boost of immunity in the form of dietary supplements.

dietary supplements contain immune-boosting ingredients, in the form of essential vitamins and minerals which may not only support the immune system but may also speed up the recovery process. And, the following dietary supplements do fall in this immune-boosting category.

1.    Nutra-C Plus, Nutri-C 1000, and Extra-C

These dietary supplements are formulated while keeping in mind the need for immune system stability, and therefore nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, Rose Hips Extract, and a couple of other immune-boosting ingredients are used in their formulation. These supplements not only help in boosting the immune system but also helps the body to heal faster and look healthier.

2.    Nucal-Z Tablet and Nucal-Z Syrup

Nucal-Z is present in two formulations to fulfill the basic needs of both, adults and children, for boosting the immune system. Zinc is not the only immune-boosting ingredient in these dietary supplements and carries the company of Vitamin D3, Calcium Carbonate, and Magnesium Gluconate. By the combined effect of these healthy nutrients, these dietary supplements can help in making bones strong, conducting smooth contraction & relaxation of muscles, and boosting the immune system.

3.    Nuzinc

Nuzinc is a dietary supplement specially formulated to fulfill Zinc deficiency, and boosting the immune system. The antioxidant effect of Zinc not only helps to boost immunity, but can also support other health benefits like vision, skin, and growth of cells. Zinc is also found to be supportive of men’s reproductive health.

No doubt dietary supplements are a reliable source to improve immune health, but when used along with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, their effectiveness goes to a higher level.



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03 Jan 2022 Mazhar Uddin
All the products are satisfactory

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