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Top 5 Foods That Are Rich in Vitamin D | Nutrifactor

Vitamin D-A Hormone as well as Vitamin:

Vitamin D is an amazing nutrient and the specialty of this nutrient is that it acts as both; a vitamin and a hormone. The reason why vitamin D is called a hormone is that our body makes it on its own after getting exposure to sunlight. Another reason, why vitamin D is called a hormone is that it benefits the body by contributing to different body processes such as improving bone strength, boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar levels, and improving mood.

What is the Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin D? 

Due to the multiple health benefits of vitamin D, it is necessary to ensure an adequate amount of vitamin D from different food sources that are rich in this vitamin. The recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D for different age groups is: 

•    400 IU for children who are younger than 12 months

•   600 IU for children who are 12-24 months, and the same for both; men and women, who are 19 years or older than this

•    800 IU for 70 plus elderly people  

Which Foods Are Rich in Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D is found in a variety of foods. But here, we will discuss those foods that are rich in vitamin D. Let’s know about those foods one by one!

1. Fish & Fish Oil

Fish & Fish Oil

Fishes like salmon & sardines, and especially the cod liver oil of cod fish are rich in vitamin D. These contain vitamin D as well as omega-3 fatty acids in good amounts. Only 100 g of salmon provides almost 526 IU of vitamin D, which shows that fish is among the richest sources of vitamin D.

Since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin so, it is better absorbed in the body in the presence of a fat medium. Fatty fish meat and fish oil provide the necessary medium for the better absorption of vitamin D in our body. If a person due to certain reasons, cannot consume fish meat regularly, he/she should focus on other sources for fulfilling his/her vitamin D needs.  

The other sources include fish oil supplements just like Nutrifactor’s Icelandic Cod Liver Oil & Norcod 500 Softgels. These are odor-controlled food supplements that contain a healthy amount of vitamin D and vitamin A along with omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements help support strong bones & teeth, and a strong immune system. Cod liver oil, in particular, has long been used to manage issues like joint pain, etc.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk, and cheese are also vitamin D sources.

Fortified products contain a significant amount of vitamin D such as; whole milk and almond milk contain 98 IU of vitamin D. Consuming milk daily at bedtime not only provides vitamin D to strengthen bones but also improves the sleep cycle.

In Pakistan, the Food Fortification Program (FFP) was initiated in 2016 to fortify edible oil with vitamin A & D, due to the rising deficiency rate of vitamin D. So, make sure to consume vitamin D fortified products such as soy milk, fortified milk, and fortified orange juices to get away from the deficiency of vitamin D.

3. Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is also a good source of vitamin D. Just one cooked egg yolk can provide about 37 IU of vitamin D. So, it is encouraged that people who don’t have any health concerns like diabetes and high cholesterol issues, should consume whole eggs instead of egg whites because it is a good source of vitamin D.

4. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are the only non-animal organisms’ that produce vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. Due to this, mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D. Mushrooms produce vitamin D2 while other animals synthesize vitamin D3 when they get exposure to sunlight. And D3 is a more effective form of vitamin D than vitamin D2.

5. Beef Liver 

Beef liver contains a good amount of vitamin D, but it is also high in cholesterol. Those people who have no health issues can consume the suggested serving size of beef liver for the sake of getting vitamin D and other nutrients. But those people who have cardiovascular issues, or fatty liver problems need to avoid intake of beef liver as a source of vitamin D.


Taking nutrients like vitamin D through healthy food sources has always been the best way to fulfill nutrient needs. But most people don’t consume enough of the recommended amount of vitamin D-rich foods due to availability & accessibility issues, malabsorption, or any other health concern.

To cope with this situation, we need to add a good quality vitamin D supplement just like Nutrifactor’s Jointin-DBonex-D, and Nucal-Z Syrup to overcome the deficiency of vitamin D and its associated symptoms.









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