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The Best Time You Should Start Taking Food Supplements

This is the most commonly asked question about food supplements. People are very much confused and concerned to know, “what is the best time when should they start taking food supplements”?

What are Food Supplements?

What are Food Supplements

Food supplements are the vitamins, minerals, or herbal extracts present in different dosage forms, to boost the nutrient profile of the body. Vitamins and minerals do not provide energy; however, they boost and regulate the energy-producing mechanism. Food is our fuel which provides us energy and nutrients. To get energy, consume healthy foods, and to boost the energy production process, take a good quality food supplement alongside.

When we don’t take a healthy and balanced diet on daily basis, this eating behavior disturbs the balance of nutrients in our body, and we become deficient in micronutrients. When this deficiency becomes severe, our body starts expressing visible deficiency symptoms like fatigue, tiredness, and many others.

What are the Common Deficiency Symptoms of Micronutrients? 

What are the Common Deficiency Symptoms of Micronutrients

Unusual fatigue, low energy levels, mood swings, dull face, brittle nails, premature signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles, rough and dry skin, weak bones & joints, pallor skin, and hair fall are the common deficiency symptoms of vitamins and minerals.

When any of these symptoms start appearing in your body, pay close attention to your dietary behaviors. Make sure to take a healthy diet that is dense with nutrients and also contains a good amount of energy. This is also the high time when you should add a good quality food supplement to your dietary routine to reduce the deficiency symptoms of micronutrients.

Which are the Best Food Supplements that Can Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies?

Nutrifactor’s Vitamax Women, Vitamax One A Day Multi, Multifactor, and Ginsoden are the best multivitamin and multimineral food supplements which provide multiple health benefits to our body.

What are the Benefits of Vitamax Women?

What are the Benefits of Vitamax Women

This amazing food supplement is specially designed for women and contains 23 vital nutrients to fulfill the nutritional requirement of women.

It helps support healthy skin, hair, and nails, a healthy immune system, and maintain the health of major organs in the body such as the brain, heart, and eyes. This food supplement also helps reduce fatigue, and boost energy levels by regulating the metabolism of the body and reducing the nutritional deficiencies in the body. 

What are the Benefits of Vitamax One A Day Multi

What are the Benefits of Vitamax One A Day Multi

This multivitamin & multimineral food supplement is specifically designed for men. It contains 19 essential nutrients to overcome nutritional deficiencies among men. It helps boost energy and immunity, supports the reproductive health of men, and provides maximum antioxidant support in the form of potent antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, E, and zinc. It also contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and healthy muscles in men.

What are the Benefits of Multifactor

What are the Benefits of Multifactor

Multifactor is a multivitamin & multimineral food supplement, equally beneficial for both men and women to provide complete nutritional support to them. It plays an important role in maintaining general health and well-being by supporting a strong immune system, maintaining bone and joint health, and providing antioxidant support.   

What are the Benefits of Ginsoden?

What are the Benefits of Ginsoden

Nutrifactor’s Ginsoden is a perfect blend of 20 key nutrients and a Ginseng Extract, to provide cognitive support for an active body and mind. It contains Biotin, Vitamin C, and E for the healthy appearance of skin, hair, and nails. Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and minerals such as Selenium and Zinc help support the healthy immune system Ginseng Extract present in Ginsoden helps to increase physical performance by increasing oxygen supply in the body and muscles. Ginsoden helps support the general well-being of the body.

Bottom Line:

Add any of these food supplements to your diet whenever you feel you’re deficient in vitamins and minerals and unable to fulfill your needs from food sources. But the truth is, we need to add at least one multivitamin food supplement to our daily dietary routine because the rate of consumption of unhealthy foods which only contain calories and a few nutrients, is rising day by day. These kinds of dietary habits will always keep us on the verge of micronutrient deficiencies. That is why make sure to take nutrients through food supplements as well as a balanced diet.







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