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Best Herbal Supplements in Pakistan and Their Benefits

Herbal supplements are available in a variety of forms such as liquid extracts, tablets, capsules, and oils, and are used for different health purposes. Due to the high nutrient density, they provide a variety of nutritional benefits to our body. Not only they help minimize the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, but also provide additional physiological health benefits such as; a healthy immune system, fertility support, hormonal balance, weight management, joint health, and overall wellness of the body.

5 Best Herbal Supplements and Their Benefits:

1.    Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

Nutrifactor’s Tribulus Terrestris is the best herbal supplement to support male fertility. This herbal supplement contains Tribulus terrestris extract, beneficial for supporting male fertility, and enhancing stamina & virility in men.

This herbal supplement also helps increase libido and male reproductive hormones to boost male fertility. Consuming 1-2 capsules daily as an herbal supplement may help improve men’s fertility. 

2.    Femrose Evening Primrose Oil

Femrose Evening Primrose Oil

This herbal supplement is specially designed to support female reproductive health. Evening Primrose Oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which provide multiple health benefits to the body including, skin health, and reducing inflammation in the body.  

Evening Primrose Oil helps to regulate hormonal balance. It is also helpful in reducing symptoms of PCOS and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) among women. It also helps reduce acne and supports healthy skin.

Nutrifactor also has another herbal supplement in the form of softgels, Femrose 500 with 500 mg of Evening Primrose Oil, to support women’s health.  

So, consuming either ½ teaspoon (2.5 ml) of oil form or 2 softgels daily as an herbal supplement helps reduce the symptoms of PCOS, PMS, and other hormonal issues among females. 

3.    Nurilax


Nurilax is a herbal supplement that contains the extract of the best, well-known traditional herb i.e., Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has traditionally been used for centuries due to its adaptogenic properties to reduce stress.

Ashwagandha extract helps promote a healthy response to daily stress and improve mood naturally. Its antioxidant properties also provide protection against free radical damage, as it neutralizes the free radicals and reduces oxidative stress in the body, Thus, helping boost immunity.

Other benefits of Ashwagandha extract include; enhanced memory & concentration, and healthy levels of reproductive hormones. Consuming 1-2 capsules of this herbal supplement helps reduce stress, and improve mood.

4.    Morganica


Nutrifactor’s Morganica is a natural herbal supplement that contains a vital extract derived from the leaves of Moringa oleifera. 

Moringa is a nutrient-dense herb, that contains antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress in the body by neutralizing free radicals. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B, and C, Iron & Potassium for the wellness of the body. 

This herbal supplement helps boost immunity, energy levels, and wellness of life. Taking one capsule of Morganica daily as an herbal supplement helps promote the body’s wellbeing.

5.    Green Tea Complex

Green Tea Complex

Green Tea Complex is a herbal supplement, manufactured by Nutrifactor. It contains Green Tea Extract which is a great source of numerous bioactive compounds such as polyphenols. These bioactive components offer a lot of health benefits to our body including; powerful antioxidant support, healthy weight management, and a healthy immune system.

Consuming 1-2 capsules of Green Tea Complex daily as a herbal supplement helps reduce oxidative stress, and aids in healthy weight management.










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