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Dietary Supplements to Manage Fatigue or Low Energy Levels

Fatigue is a term used for low energy levels caused by different factors, including unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. Fatigue is usually overcome by adapting healthy habits, but if it persists, a visit to a healthcare professional is advised. Severe fatigue can lead to restlessness and this can increase the risk of getting injured while walking and driving.

General Signs and Symptoms

Fatigue impacts our health in both ways; physically and mentally. Low energy levels increase the strain which affects the working of brain and body. Following are the symptoms generally present in a person suffering from fatigue:


    Getting exhausted very easily

    Muscle weakness and pain

    Loss of focus and concentration

    Cravings of sugary foods

    Blurred or impaired vision

Mood swings, headache, dizziness and disturbed appetite are also significant signs of fatigue.


Fatigue can result due to emotional stress, bad lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits. A person with a couple of following lifestyle habits may has lower energy levels:

    Disturbed sleep wake cycle

    Alcohol or drug abuse

    Physical inactivity

    Emotional stress

    Depression or anxiety

When it comes to dietary causes, consumption of caloric dense foods which provide no to little vitamins and minerals, leads to deficiencies of nutrients needed for energy metabolism and can disturb body functions. But let’s assume a person is taking a diet rich in these essential nutrients, but lacking the intake of protein, the outcome will still be the same.

Irregular eating patterns like, skipping meals or consuming too much sugary foods, lead to imbalance in sugar and energy levels. This is why our diet should be balanced and must be taken with regular intervals.

Chronic diseases like, anemias, cancer, hypothyroidism, or impaired absorption of essential nutrients can also lead to fatigue or low energy levels.

Diet & Lifestyle advice:

A balanced and nutrient rich diet emphasizes on the intake of proportionally equal amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and lean protein. These food options are rich with energy producing nutrients like B vitamins, iron, fats and protein. Also, manage intervals between meals to avoid disturbance in energy levels. Intake of at least 2 liters of water is required for better physical performance. Also, avoid smoking, drug abuse, consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages, especially in afternoon or at night as it may interact with normal sleep pattern.

A proper sleep of 7-8 hours is recommended to carry out activities throughout the day, and make sure to follow this routine on weekends too. If possible, do rest during the daytime to avoid extra strain on the body. Activities like brisk walking, swimming, yoga and workout activities can help to regulate the symptoms of mental stress, depression and anxiety.

Nutritional & Herbal Solutions:

Dietary supplements rich in B vitamins, iron or CoQ-10 can help to overcome low energy levels, by increasing energy metabolism in the body.

1.    B-50 B Complex and Vitamin B-12

These two dietary supplements are rich in B vitamins which help in boosting energy metabolism and promoting activity levels. Moreover, B-12 is also involved in the healthy production of red blood cells and nerve impulse conduction.

2.    Vitamax and Vitamax Women

Both these dietary supplements are enriched with a complete pack of essential nutrients including B Vitamins, Vitamin A, D & E and some minerals, to promote energy metabolism in the body. Both these supplements are significantly manufactured to support overall health of men and women.

3.    Fero

Fero is a dietary supplement rich in Iron and Vitamin C, to enhance the absorption of Iron in the body. Iron uptake leads to better formation of red blood cells and ultimately improving energy metabolism in the body. Moreover, present amount of Vitamin C in the supplement helps to improve immunity and collagen synthesis.

4.    Coenzyme Q 10

CoQ-10 is an enzyme naturally present in the body, and more abundantly in heart muscles. And, this dietary supplement is enriched with healthy amount of CoQ-10 to promote heart health and ultimately leading to better energy metabolism.

5.    Ginseng

It is a dietary supplement that contains the extract of Ginseng; a herb which helps to improve energy production, immune system and brain function. These characteristics of this herb is due to the presence of phytochemicals; ginsenosides and phenolics.



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