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Bio Grow; A Multi-nutrient Formula for Growing Kids

Nutrient needs of kids also grow with their growing age. These needs can be fulfilled either by adding different foods to kids’ diets or by providing them healthy dietary supplements that are rich in essential nutrients. Most of the time digestive system of kids is not as much efficient in digesting or absorbing nutrients as their body needs. This is why dietary supplements can be a great aid in promoting nourishment and growth.

Bio Grow is a dietary supplement prepared to provide 13 essential nutrients; a growing kid may need. The considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals present in it, make it a complete pack of nutrition for a growing kid. Nutrients like B vitamins and Iron are needed for brain development, red blood cell production, skin, hair, and nail health. Whereas Vitamin C, Zinc, and some fat-soluble vitamins; A, D and E, are greatly involved in the making and maintenance of the body’s immune system. And Bio Grow is abundantly rich in all these beneficial nutrients.

Growing kids face another issue in this phase and that is of disturbed appetite, and it is completely natural. It becomes really difficult for them to adopt new foods and this is why they may become moody or choosy in their dietary pattern. This habit of theirs often leads to deficiencies of different nutrients in their bodies, making the condition worse than before. Adding this dietary supplement to the diet can help in two ways; stimulating appetite and fulfilling nutrient deficiencies.

1.    B Vitamins

Growing kids are full of energy and these water-soluble vitamins are functional in producing that energy from ingested foods. Moreover, vitamin B7, B9 and B12 are important for healthy hair, strong nails, red blood cell production and nerve impulse conduction, respectively.

2.    Zinc and Vitamin C

This amazing combo of a mineral and vitamin is extremely helpful in promoting immunity and making the defense strong, against different disease-causing factors. In addition to this, Vitamin C is also involved in better absorption of Iron from plant-based foods.

3.    Iron

According to the National Nutritional Survey conducted in 2018 almost 28.6% of the urban population and 28.9% of the rural population, under the age of five years, is iron deficient. And, this prevalence is surprisingly higher in boys than girls. Iron is needed for an efficient supply of oxygen throughout the body and the production of oxygen-carrying protein.

4.    Vitamin A, D, and E

In the same survey, conducted in 2018, it was found that nearly 51.5% and 62.7% of Pakistan’s population, under the age of five years, is deficient in Vitamin A and Vitamin D, respectively. All these vitamins are essentially required for our bodies to support immunity, bone, and skin health.

Bio Grow is a complete pack of these nutrients and can help in supporting the growth, development, and appetite of growing kids within the age group of 4 years to 16 years. One more thing that can increase the palatability of this dietary supplement in kids is its great orange flavor.



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