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3 Healthy Ways to Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that absorbs better in the presence of fats. The most recent nutritional survey report NNS-2018 of Pakistan has revealed that vitamin D deficiency has increased instead of decreasing among all the age groups as compared to the previous survey, NNS-2011. It has increased from 66.8% to 79.7% and 40% to 62.7% in women of reproductive age and children under five years of age, respectively. 

This is the highest prevalence rate which needs to be lowered by intaking vitamin D by every possible means including sunlight, food sources, fortified products, and vitamin D supplements.

Let’s get to know about the most feasible and healthy ways to take vitamin D!

1.    Sunlight


Sunlight is the best source to get the activated form of vitamin D in our body. Sunlight itself does not provide vitamin D but, what it does is help the body to form activated vitamin D.

You may have queries regarding the best time to go in the sunlight and how much time should be spent activating vitamin D present in our body. The answer to all these queries is right here! 

The best way to spend time under the sun is to expose your skin to sunlight such as hands, forearms, or lower legs for 15-20 minutes in summer, and 20-30 minutes in winter to get plenty of activated vitamin D.

2.    Vitamin D-Rich Foods

Vitamin D-Rich Foods

To get recommended amount of vitamin D, we need to take vitamin D-rich foods such as dairy products including milk yogurt, cheese, and eggs.

Oily fishes such as salmon and sardine are also good sources of vitamin D. One serving of oily fish can provide enough amount of vitamin D to fulfill the body’s needs.

Beef liver, mushrooms, and fortified products like fortified milk, fruit juices, and soy milk are also good sources of vitamin D.

3.    Vitamin D Food Supplements

Vitamin D Food Supplements

The best food supplements that can fulfill our vitamin D requirements are Nutrifactor’s Jointin-D, Bonex-D, Suncell 5000, Nucal-Z Syrup, VitaBite, and Nuflex. These vitamin D supplements help maintain bone and joint health, make strong teeth, boost immunity, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Another important benefit of consuming these food supplements is that they help increase calcium absorption in the body, an important nutrient, that is required by the body along with vitamin D to increase bone strength.

Not only this, but cod liver oil is also a rich source of vitamin D, as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

But it is really difficult to consume fish oil due to its unusual odor. For that purpose, Nutrifactor has manufactured the best quality odor-controlled supplements such as Icelandic Cod Liver Oil & Norcod 500. These supplements provide a good amount of vitamin A & D, along with omega 3 fatty acids to help strengthen the bones, and improve joint health and immunity.   

Consuming any of these supplements can provide enough amount of vitamin D to overcome its deficiency in the body. 

The best way to reduce vitamin D deficiency is, to ensure the intake of a vitamin D-rich diet, spend the recommended amount of time under the sun, and consume a good quality vitamin D supplement.







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