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Vitamins and Supplements to Help in Depression

Depression is a mixed feeling of low morale, negative thinking, and hopelessness. The presence of any four or five of the following symptoms, for at least a month, generally indicates clinical depression;

1.    Disturbed appetite and unintentional weight changes

2.    Disturbed sleep wake cycle

3.    Physical hyperactivity or inactivity

4.    Fatigue

5.    Feelings of worthlessness and self-blaming

6.    Loss of attention and focus

7.    Lost hope for life

What causes Depression?

Depression can either be a result of psychological trauma or a physiological disorder. In a psychological perspective, feelings of hopelessness and despair are leading factors to depression, and this condition is referred as “learned helplessness”. Whereas, physiological issues include the imbalance in neurotransmitters; serotonin, epinephrine and norepinephrine, hormones responsible for relieving stress.

 Dietary factors leading to depression

Although every nutritional deficiency can somehow alter brain functioning and may also lead to depression. But deficiencies of some vital nutrients like B12, B9, other B vitamins and omega fatty acids are major contributors to brain and nerve dysfunction. So, it becomes necessary to fulfill the levels of these essential nutrients, either through diet or through food.

Furthermore, our brain needs optimum levels of blood sugar to work properly and efficiently, and in the condition of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) brain functioning may get compromised. This is why a person with recurring depression must monitor his/her blood sugar levels.

Food allergy, in some scenarios, can also be the reason of depression. This can be overcome by simply excluding allergens from the diet.

What nutritional supplements should I take for Depression?

Depression often leads to suppressed appetite and nutritional deficiencies which may worsen the condition of depression. In this case, a quick supply of nutrients can help in overcoming this issue and this supply is provided through healthy dietary supplements.

1.    Nuroton

Nuroton is a non-habit-forming dietary supplement that contains 5-HTP, B3 and B6, which help in healthy formation of relaxing hormone, “serotonin”. Moreover, these nutrients help in healthy functioning of brain, ultimately helping to lower the symptoms of depression.

2.    B-50 Complex

This dietary supplement is manufactured to provide a complete pack of B vitamins in appropriate amounts. As we mentioned earlier that deficiency of B vitamins can cause abnormal functioning of the brain and ultimately lead to depression. Amounts of B vitamins present in this dietary supplement can help in overcoming the deficiencies of these essential vitamins.

3.    Omega Fish Oil and Icelandic Cod Liver Fish Oil

These dietary supplements in the form of oil contain healthy amounts of omega fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins involved in the normal working of the nervous system. This characteristic of these nutrients makes it easy to overcome the phase of depression. Moreover, these supplements can also help in normal vision, reducing inflammation and improving heart functions.

4.    Melatonin, Melatonix and Sleep Well

These 3 dietary supplements contain melatonin as a primary constituent, which helps in inducing proper sleep. Whereas, Sleep Well is a dietary supplement that also contains extracts of Chamomile Flower, Passion Flower and Valerian Root, increasing the positive effect of melatonin. Both these supplements are drug free and non-habit forming.



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