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Nutrients Needed for A Growing Kid

Growth and development are two different terms but with similar meanings. Growth defines the process of gaining physical health (height and weight) with the passing age. Whereas the word “development”, is used for the improvement in metabolic health i.e., mental, digestive, and other biochemical processes, as the kid grows up. But one thing that is common in both aspects is a proper supply of nutrients to the growing body of a kid.

Nutrients helpful in healthy growth

Nowadays, it has become a common complaint of parents that their kid is not showing any potential in growth and development. Either the kid is shorter in height and weaker in body physique as compared to other kids of his/her age or the kid is not mentally as much efficient as the other kids are. This may be a genetic defect but this is not the case every time.

Mostly, careless behavior shown by parents regarding the diet of their growing kid, leads to such issues. Whether the kid is having a same meal throughout the day or not eating enough to carry out his/her body functions, properly. Such eating habits often lead to deficiencies of multiple, essential and vital nutrients which are involved in the healthy and potent growth of the kid.

1.    Iron

When a kid is not able to concentrate or focus on their work like, studies or other stuff, he/she is possibly deficient in iron. Iron is not only responsible for oxygen supply throughout the body, but it is involved in brain development and functioning as well.

2.    B vitamins

B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins. Although B-complex contains only 8 vitamins, these eight nutrients perform several essential functions in the body including healthy brain development, enhanced energy production and strong immune system. The best source of B vitamins is whole grains, which are also a good source of dietary fiber that is needed for better digestion.

3.    Omega fatty acids and Fat-soluble vitamins

Foods like fish, nuts, olives, and some seeds are considered healthy sources of omega fats. Omegas are used by the body for maintaining the outer covering (myelin sheath) of nerves and as a storage site of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). This way, a healthy intake of omega fats is linked with improved cognitive or brain health.

4.    Foods rich in Protein and Antioxidants

A diet rich in protein and minerals like zinc, is very important for a growing kid. These two nutrients are directly involved in promoting healthy growth and strengthening immune system. Zinc and Vitamin C are two strong antioxidants that must be provided to body, because in growing years body does get deficient in these nutrients.

A body in need of these nutrients can look for foods like eggs, dairy, lean meat, nuts, seeds, and whole grains for maximum intake of these essential vitamins and minerals. But in case the kid is not eating these foods or is not able to digest the foods, parents can look for an alternative source in the form of dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements to the rescue

1.    Bio Grow

Bio Grow is a nutrient-rich formula designed to support the growth and development of growing kids. This dietary supplement is fortified with healthy amounts of Zinc, Iron, B vitamins, and fat-soluble vitamins to help in improving the appetite and maintaining the overall health of kids.

2.    VitaBite

This dietary supplement contains rich amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are fat-soluble vitamins needed for multiple body functions. The immune system, eyes, bones and skin health, majorly depend on these two nutrients, especially in growing age.

3.    Omega-3 Fish Oil and Icelandic Cod Liver Oil

As it can be concluded from their names, these dietary supplements are formulated to provide good amounts of omega fatty acids and a couple of fat-soluble vitamins. Nutrients present in these dietary supplements are involved in promoting brain functioning and conducting nerve impulses.

Apart from these dietary modifications, an active lifestyle is also needed to improve growth and development in kids.



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