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Cranberry Extract Benefits & Supplements in Pakistan

Cranberries have traditionally been used for the management of urinary tract infections. Its supplements are available either in powdered form or encapsulated form. The benefits of cranberry extract, when used in combination with other products for urinary health, include inhibition of bacterial growth, and decreased smell of urine.

Promising benefits of cranberry extract

Cranberries contain several antioxidants which impart a vital role in the management of urinary tract health. Not only this, but the extract also possesses antibacterial properties which encourage the use of cranberry extract in the management and prevention of urinary tract infections.

1.    UTI management

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are associated with bacterial growth inside the urinary tract, and this can lead to different urinary problems. What cranberry extract does is prohibition of bacterial growth onto the walls of the tract, and thus eliminates the risk of UTIs. But it is always suggested to use the extract in combination with other products to gain better results.

2.    Antioxidant protection

Once again, cranberry extract is a great choice for a person looking to fight off oxidative stress. Cranberries are naturally abundant in the number of antioxidants, and this makes them a vital option for neutralizing abnormally existing free radicals in the body. As we all know that an uncontrolled production of free radicals can lead to serious health hazards, therefore a consultative use of cranberry extract can rule out the risk of oxidative damage.

Cranberries are not just rich in antioxidant number; it contains a good amount of vitamin C as well. This strong duo, present in cranberry extract, makes it a healthy option for boosting immune health. Furthermore, cranberry extract can also be used in the management of some fungal infections.

The use of cranberry extract supplements

Cranberry extract supplements are often recommended for people with recurring urinary tract infections. These supplements are either manufactured in a powdered form or encapsulated into gelatinous capsules.

Cranflo is a dietary supplement enriched with the goodness of cranberry health benefits. This dietary supplement is formulated into a capsulated form and is filled with the powdered form of Cranberry Extract. Cranflo is a good option, especially for women, to manage the risk of recurring UTIs.

It supports the integrity of bladder walls and keeps them intact by neutralizing and minimizing the impact of free radicals. Cranberry extract helps to keep the bacterial growth to its minimum rate, and even to completely prevent the bacterial growth inside the tract. The presence of phytochemicals; anthocyanins & proanthocyanins gives extra support in the prevention of infections, and for the normal health of the bladder and urethra. Besides, the presence of vitamin C in cranberry extract is also supportive to the overall health of a person.



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