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Benefits Of Vitamin A & D Supplements For Kids


The rise in the manufacturing of vitamin A & D fortified products is a clear statement that people are in dire need of these two vitamins. Especially for kids, these two vitamins are of great importance as both of these nutrients benefit the immune system, and this is what the growing kids need. To ensure the fill-in of vitamin A & D, a bulk of supplements is also manufactured all around the world.

Health benefits of vitamin A & D

The best way to describe the health benefits of having normal vitamin A & D amounts in our body is by observing our healthy skin, eyes, and strong immunity. To discover more about their health benefits, read below:

    Vitamin A is required for the production of an eye pigment rhodopsin which helps us to see properly in the dark.

    Vitamin D improves calcium absorption in the body, ultimately keeping our bones compact and strong enough to uphold the body weight.

    Both, vitamin A & D, are needed for a stable immune system as these nutrients are, somehow, involved in the development of immune-regulating bodies.

    Vitamin D also helps to prevent rickets in kids; a condition known by a softened or deformed pelvic region.

Which kids need A & D supplements?

The older kids grow the more they become picky in their eating habits. This habit often leads them to a severe deficiency of one or more nutrients. Therefore, such kids are in special need of using dietary supplements to cover up the deficient nutrients in their bodies. Similarly, kids with the following challenges are more likely to become deficient in vitamin A & D

    Not eating enough dairy & meat products or fish meat

    Failing to get an appropriate exposure to the sun

    Having gastrointestinal issues which ultimately lead to the malabsorption of these nutrients

    Unhealthy or damaged kidneys can also cause vitamin D deficiency

Which dietary supplements are best for kids?

In deficiencies, our body needs something that is quickly absorbed and provided to its vital organs. That is why dietary supplements that comprise quick-absorbing nutrients are best for kids to use. Another thing to assure, before using for kids, is the form and dosage of that supplement. As, it is clear that kids opt for foods that look attractive and taste flavorful, thus choosing a fruity flavor and easy to take supplements should be preferred.

One example out of those wholesome dietary supplements is VitaBite. This dietary supplement is a perfect mixture of Vitamin A & D that is manufactured in a chewable form. Moreover, the mango flavor of this dietary supplement makes it not only healthy but tempting, as well. The presence of Vitamin A & D makes this dietary supplement a perfect choice for kids to help with weak immune systems and eyesight problems.



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