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Why Do We Need Folic Acid Daily?

Folate, otherwise known as Folic Acid, is one of the 8 B vitamins, and is also water-soluble. This means our body can not store this nutrient, and it must be taken daily either from food or supplements such as Folic Acid Tablets. It is present in many foods as well such as green leafy vegetables, and organ meat (liver).

Why Do We Need Folic Acid Daily?

How does Folic Acid benefit our health?

From the normal formation of red blood cells to the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy, Folic Acid is a very crucial nutrient for human health. Healthcare professionals often recommend the daily use of Folic Acid Tablets that contain at least 400 mcg of this B vitamin.

Out of many health benefits, Folic Acid has these three key roles in the human body;

1.Normal Red Blood Cell Formation

When it comes to red blood cell production, the quality of the cell’s shape is equally important to the number of cells formed at a time in the body. To support a healthy and normal shape of red blood cells, the human body requires a good amount of Folic Acid. In the absence of Folic Acid, the newly formed red blood cells can become deformed, or enlarged in size. This condition is known as the megaloblastic anemia.

2.Healthy Pregnancy & Fetal Development

One of the first things that a healthcare professional will recommend to a pregnant woman is to add good-quality Folic Acid Tablets to the daily routine. 400 mcg of Folic Acid, daily, is highly important for the female, and for her developing fetus as well. Folic Acid plays an active role in the process of cell division which means the growth of the fetus, especially the spinal cord, within the mother’s body is highly dependent on the normal levels of Folic Acid in the body.

3.Healthy Functioning of the Heart & Brain

This might surprise you but the deficiency of Folic Acid in the body can lead to an excessive production of a harmful chemical; homocysteine. Toxic levels of this substance can lead to the risk of stroke in the brain and heart. Whereas, Folic Acid helps our body to break down homocysteine and takes care of heart and brain health. Homocysteine increases the risk of unnecessary blood clotting and can reduce the blood flow toward the brain and from the heart, which then can result in a stroke.

Folic Acid vs L-Methyl Folate; which one is better?

L-Methyl Folate is the activated form of dietary folate and is also preferred by the human body for better absorption. However, taking both forms of Folic Acid tablets as per the recommended level can benefit the human body, efficiently.

So, if we talk about which form is better & quicker in getting absorbed into the body, then L-Methyl Folate may have an upper hand over other Folic Acid Tablets.

Folic Acid Tablets available in Pakistan

Food supplements when used along a healthy, and balanced diet will prove to be extremely beneficial in overcoming multiple nutritional deficiencies in the body. Similarly, good quality Folic Acid Tablets and a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and meat can help fulfill the daily requirement of Folic Acid in the body. Here are a couple of Folic Acid supplements that are easily available and are also formulated according to the RDA of Folic Acid for adults.

Folic Acid and Nutrifol are the two amazing and good-quality supplements manufactured and marketed by Nutrifactor that provide 400 mcg of Folic Acid and L-Methyl Folate, respectively. Regular use of these two products, after consulting with a healthcare professional and according to the recommended dose will provide multiple health benefits like normal blood levels, efficient brain functioning, and a healthy heart.

In the case of pregnant women, using either of these high-quality Folic Acid Tablets will support a healthy pregnancy and the normal development of the fetus, as well.

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