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Vitamin D Helps Boost Immunity

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that also acts as a hormone. Our body synthesizes it when we expose our skin to sunlight. We can also get vitamin D from the diet as well but in trace amounts. When the ultraviolet rays hit our skin, our body activates vitamin D with the help of different reactions taking place in the liver and kidneys. That is why it is also called the sunshine vitamin.

Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency

A huge population is deficient in vitamin D nowadays. According to NNS-2018 of Pakistan, 62.7% of children under five years were observed vitamin D deficient. And 54.0% of women of reproductive age experienced moderate vitamin D deficiency, and 25.7% experienced severe deficiency. It indicates a high deficiency of vitamin D even after having better exposure to sunlight in Pakistan. This level of vitamin D deficiency can be one of the important causes of weak immunity and recurrent infections among people. 

Best Sources of Vitamin D

Best Sources of Vitamin D

Sunlight is the best source to get the activated form of vitamin D in our body. We must expose our skin to sunlight such as hands, forearms, or lower legs for 15-20 minutes in summer, and 20-30 minutes in winter to produce plenty of vitamin D. Dietary sources of vitamin D include dairy products, fortified products, fatty fish, cod liver oil, and beef liver. 

How Does Vitamin D Help Boost Immunity?

Vitamin D builds immunity and helps fight infections by regulating the activity of immune cells. It acts as an immune system modulator by suppressing inflammation associated with both the innate and adaptive immune response. Vitamin D binds to receptors on immune cells such as neutrophils, and macrophages. It stimulates these cells to produce antibodies that defend the body against foreign pathogens.

The important role of vitamin D in maintaining immunity can be witnessed in the fact that people are more prone to getting cold and flu during winter due to less sunshine.

Especially, in this season, ensure adding vitamin D supplements to reduce the risk of getting cold, flu, and recurrent infections. Different studies have also indicated that vitamin D supplementation significantly reduces the risk of acute respiratory tract infections. 

Which are the Best Supplements for Vitamin D?

Nurifactor has formulated premium quality supplements for its customers to reduce the deficiency of vitamin D by providing an activated form of vitamin D in the form of tablets and softgels.

1.    Bonex-D

Nutrifactor Bonex-D

Bonex-D is a unique supplement that provides calcium and vitamin D3 in a single formula. It helps maintain strong immunity. Not only it does help in boosting immunity but also regulates the absorption of calcium in bones to maintain the bone’s strength. Consuming 1-2 tablets daily as a dietary supplement helps with maintaining bone strength and a healthy immune system.

2.    Suncell 5000

Nutrifactor Suncell 5000

Suncell 5000 contains 5000 IU of vitamin D3 which is specially designed for people with higher Vitamin D needs to promote strong bones and a healthy immune system. The high dose of vitamin D in Suncell 5000 can be beneficial for people suffering from seasonal flu to enhance immunity. Taking one softgel daily as a dietary supplement helps with maintaining a strong immune system.



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