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Understanding Obesity and Its Management

Obesity can be defined as a state in which a person’s bodyweight keeps increasing in opposite to his or her body height. In clinical terms, a person with 20% more bodyweight than normal or with a body mass index of 30 or more, is considered obese.

Body mass index (BMI) is an equation to measure the weight status of a person, by calculating the ratio of weight to the square of height. A ratio between 18.6 to 23.9 is considered normal whereas more or less than this range is considered either overweight or underweight, respectively.

Different factors that can lead to obesity

Obesity or fat appearance is not only linked with overeating or inactive lifestyle, and can be the result of the following variables:

    Family history

    Slow metabolic rate or hypothyroidism

    Low serotonin levels

All three factors have different mechanisms, through which these can induce obesity in a particular person. For example, a person with a family history of obesity has a higher risk of developing obesity than others. Whereas in the case of slow metabolic rate or hypothyroidism, the ability of the body to utilize consumed calories slows down and the body starts storing those calories in the form of fat, leading to obesity.

How improper sleep is linked with the onset of obesity?

This may be a new thing to learn for everyone but it is imperative that a person who has disturbed sleep-wake order, is at a greater risk of losing his/her body shape. In the resting phase, the body uses most of the energy from fats stored inside the body and when the body is not getting that needed rest, this metabolism gets compromised and can also lead to unnecessary sugar cravings. This is how a common but unhealthy habit can make people look fat.

Healthy lifestyle for a healthy weight

Nowadays internet is full of diet and lifestyle programs that claim a guaranteed weight loss. Some of them work while the others are just to empathize with the viewer. However, to lose weight a person must focus on two major things; decreased caloric intake along increased activity level.

Always remember there is no shortcut to any success in life and the same goes in this case as well. So, diets that promise rapid weight loss within a short period of time, are mostly making the body lose muscle and water, not the fat. On top of that, a serious drawback in the form of instant and excessive weight regain, also comes along with such diets.

Therefore, it is always suggested to adopt a completely healthy lifestyle which includes a sufficient number of calories (only 500-600 kcal lesser than the daily requirement), enough activity level (up to 30-45 minutes), and a proper sleep of 7-8 hours, to support a steady and healthy weight loss.

How dietary supplements can help?

As, we mentioned before that there is no shortcut to any goal, but one may need and can have some help to achieve the goal. Similarly, some dietary supplements may help in managing healthy body weight by speeding up fat oxidation in the body.

1.    Green Tea Complex

Before losing weight, it is very important to detoxify the body. And, Green Tea Complex is a dietary supplement rich in phytochemicals that may help the body to do so. Moreover, catechins present in green tea extract are antioxidant in nature and can help the body against oxidative damage, as well.

2.    Lipozin

It is a dietary supplement that contains the extract of Garcinia Cambogia, an African plant. Garcinia Cambogia Extract contains an active component, Hydroxycitric Acid, which helps the body by reducing fat uptake from diet. It also helps the body to produce serotonin in the body which is needed for inducing sleep.

3.    Nuroton

Proper sleep is as necessary as a good diet and active lifestyle are, in weight management. Nuroton contains 5-HTP, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6, all of which are help relax mood and induce sleep. It is a drug-free and non-habit-forming formula to support restful sleep.


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