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This is How Vitamin D Helps in Diabetes

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in 2021, 33 million Pakistanis are diabetic which is an alarming number. The dramatically increasing unhealthy lifestyle adaptations are among the leading causes.

Doing regular exercise, eating fiber-rich foods, and avoiding fried & sugary foods are the basic lifestyle modifications that are indeed very helpful in managing diabetes. But, a vitamin D-rich diet is also required for a normal blood sugar level.

We may only be aware of its bone-supporting and immune-boosting benefits so far, but it also has remarkable effects on maintaining blood sugar levels.

How Does Vitamin D Help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels? 

How Does Vitamin D Help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

It is involved in the effective secretion and metabolism of Insulin in the body. Our pancreas has beta-cells which are responsible for insulin secretion, and vitamin D helps improve the functioning of these cells. When food enters the body, it is metabolized and digested by the body. At the time of absorption in the blood cells, vitamin D helps beta cells to release insulin to increase the uptake of glucose by the blood cells. In this way, it helps maintain blood glucose levels in the body.

At first, the main function of vitamin D is to prevent beta-cells from getting damaged. Secondly, if the pancreas gets damaged anyways, vitamin D helps to lower the inflammation in the region due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

All these factors, collectively, indicate the effective role of vitamin D in increasing insulin sensitivity and improving blood glucose levels.

Best Dietary Sources of Vitamin D for Diabetic Patients:

Best Dietary Sources of Vitamin D for Diabetic Patients 

Diabetic patients can take in vitamin D from whole cereals, fortified products, low-fat milk, and oily fish like salmon. 

Vitamin D Supplements for Diabetes:

Nutrifactor is manufacturing good-quality supplements to fulfill nutritional deficiencies of vitamin D among diabetic people. Because mostly diabetic patients fail to accomplish their required nutrient intake due to certain modifications in the diet.

Suncell contains 5000 IU Vitamin D in pure and halal softgel form. It is easy to use and very effective for people with diabetes to get benefits from a healthy dose of activated vitamin D.

Take one (1) softgel daily as a dietary supplement, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.





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