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Healthy Ways to Manage Your Weight

Weight loss has been the most discussed topic ever since because everyone wants his/ her body in shape to look fit & slim. To achieve the weight loss goal, people try different types of Fad diets, like Keto diet, Vegan diet, Atkins diet, and Low-Carb diet, which may prove unhealthy for them. These diets might work the best for one person and do nothing for the other. Each one of us has different genetic makeup and may respond to the change differently that is happening with our body. Another important concern that everyone should consider is the return of lost weight, once we stop using such diets.  

The healthy and best way to manage weight is taking a portion-controlled diet, that contains every food group but in a controlled portion, along with the best herbal supplements like Green Tea Complex, Leanax, and Lipozin to help boost the metabolism and burn fat. These supplements contain herbal extracts like Green Tea, Garcinia Cambogia, and Ginger root extract which are very beneficial in managing weight in a healthy and nutritious way.

Healthy tips for weight management:

Healthy tips for weight management

•    Prefer consuming whole-grain cereals due to their high fiber content over refined cereals  

•    Consume whole fruits rather than fruit juices, because juices are low in fiber, and fiber supports weight management 

•    Add raw vegetables to the diet and prefer eating one bowl of salad daily to get high fiber content 

•    Take low-fat dairy milk & milk products, and avoid high-fat dairy products

•    Consume lean meat and avoid taking red meat due to its high-fat content 

•    Prefer using oils over ghee as ghee contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids which raise the LDL levels (bad cholesterol) in the body 

•    Drink plenty of water to keep the hydration status at optimal levels

•    Increase the fiber intake, which does not get digested in the body but maintains the gut health and also provides satiety feelings which ultimately promotes the weight management

•    Do any sort of physical activity regularly for 25-30 minutes, including jogging, cycling, brisk walking, or running 

•    Physical activity boosts the metabolism and increases the muscle strength of the body, hence, promoting healthy weight management 

•    Make sure to add multivitamins like Nutrifactor’s Vitamax Women, Vitamax One A Day Multi & Multifactor to the diet to promote metabolism, immunity, and overall wellness

•    Consume all these foods in controlled portions with the consultation of a registered dietitian 

Best Natural Extracts for weight management 

Nutrifactor is offering the best quality herbal supplements for healthy weight management. These are in the form of capsules that are convenient to use. These supplements help provide nutrients and keep us active during the whole weight management journey. 

I.    Green Tea Complex

Green Tea Complex

Green Tea Complex is a unique herbal formula that contains Green Tea Extract, a source of numerous bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, catechins, and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

These provide many health benefits to the body, especially the regulation of metabolism and powerful antioxidant protection. It also supports healthy weight management and the normal functioning of the immune system.

II.    Leanax


Nutrifactor's Leanax is a nutritional supplement that is a blend of natural and pure herbal ingredients to help people maintain healthy body weight. It contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, and Ginger Root extracts, which support a healthy metabolism, assist in burning fats, and body weight management. 

III.    Lipozin


Lipozin is a dietary supplement that contains Garcinia Cambogia extract. It is a plant that contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a major bioactive component that aids in appetite lowering and weight management by suppressing the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. 

Taking a portion-controlled diet along with one of the supplements from the Nutrifactor’s weight management range helps reduce the weight in a better way without causing nutritional deficiencies as these supplements are nutrient-dense. 






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