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Evening Primrose Oil – A Better Option For Managing Hormonal Imbalance

It is very important to have a balance in every aspect of life because things when are not balanced, fall. The same is the case with our health, it depends on the normal secretion of hormones and enzymes, and whenever an imbalance occurs in any of both, the health starts falling. And like every other health complication, there are different ways to bring the hormones in balance but the point is, “Which one is a better option and how?”

Evening primrose oil is an extract of the seeds of the evening primrose plant and has been used for managing different health problems, including hormonal imbalance.

What does hormonal imbalance mean?

An imbalance in hormones means to have a too high or too low secretion of a particular hormone in the body, it can be any hormone varying from estrogen or testosterone to insulin or glucagon. The effect of hormonal imbalance on our body is just like having too much or too little spice in the dish. The way a dish loses its taste, similarly, our body starts losing its shape and normal functioning.

How this imbalance occurs?

Managing a problem becomes easy when the cause of that problem is known. Therefore, either to manage or recommend something to manage hormonal imbalance, it is mandatory to know “what actually is causing this problem?” So, there are different reasons and different outcomes for different hormone imbalances.

For instance, an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone is associated with the abuse of birth control pills, unhealthy diet, and stress. But when we look at the abnormal functioning of insulin, it is mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle followed by an excessive intake of sugary and fatty foods. So, by simply removing these unhealthy options, there is a better chance of managing such hormonal imbalances.

How Evening primrose oil helps in managing hormonal imbalance?

Evening primrose oil is a rich source of fatty acids, including GLA; a fatty acid that helps manage hormonal imbalance by preventing the formation of causing factors. It is believed that a rich amount of healthy fats present in evening primrose oil makes it beneficial for brain health, ultimately helping overcome the symptoms of stress. On top of that, regular use of healthy foods like evening primrose oil, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds can improve diet to an extent where diet does not harm hormones. So, in this way, evening primrose oil has effectively removed two of the major factors contributing to hormonal imbalance in females; stress and an unhealthy diet.

Now we have known the benefits of evening primrose oil, the next question is where to get it from? To help in this, different dietary supplements have been manufactured and marketed as healthy and safe options for managing hormonal imbalance.

Femrose is also among those safe and healthy dietary supplements, containing a sufficient amount of Evening Primrose Oil in it. Evening Primrose Oil with its health-promoting properties provides a better chance to manage imbalanced hormones. The presence of GLA in Evening Primrose Oil has led its use to a higher level, in the management of different issues associated with hormonal imbalance; PMS and PCOS. Femrose can also help in reducing acne by managing water levels in the skin.



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