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CoQ 10 – A Nutrient That Our Heart Needs the Most

CoQ 10 is an antioxidant nutrient that is naturally synthesized in the body, can also be obtained from some foods, and is also known as Coenzyme Q10. The word coenzyme is used for such substances that support enzymatic reactions, and are not enzymes themselves.

The fact that CoQ 10 is abundantly present throughout the body, especially in vital organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys, enhances its importance to a higher level. But what does it do? Why CoQ 10 is considered this much important in maintaining heart health?

Why CoQ 10 is important for our heart?

Our heart is the base of our body because it is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen to every part of the body. So, when the heart is not functioning properly, the working of other body parts will get compromised, consequently. With these responsibilities, it becomes vital to keep our heart healthy and safe from different harmful factors; high lipid profile, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

We can say that CoQ 10 is a versatile nutrient, as it does not play only a single role in the body. The characteristics of CoQ 10 to fight oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, prevent fat oxidation, and most importantly to enhance energy production have given CoQ 10 a unique importance in managing heart health. And therefore, it can be said that CoQ 10 is the nutrient that our heart needs the most.

We all know that heart is continuously pumping blood, and thus requires a continuous supply of energy, or otherwise, it may fail to work properly. Hence, the ability of CoQ 10 to improve energy metabolism can help with the energy needs of the heart whereas the capabilities of CoQ 10 to limit fat oxidation and to neutralize the effect of oxidative species can help protect the heart from different health problems.

Moreover, to function properly, our heart needs to be safe from inflammation. And, CoQ 10 helps the body to control the production of inflammatory markers, thus helping to manage inflammation. An inflamed heart can’t beat properly, can’t pump the blood efficiently, and therefore needs proper care. And, CoQ 10 can provide that care.

Sources of this nutrient

Normally, our body does not need an external supply of CoQ 10, as this nutrient is naturally synthesized by the body itself. But due to age or some other factors, the level of CoQ 10 starts falling, and then our body needs an external supply of this nutrient. In this case, a person who needs CoQ 10 can either go for the consumption of organ meats (heart and liver), fish meat, and some seed oils or the person can use Qfactor.

Qfactor is a dietary supplement that contains a healthy concentration of CoQ 10, and therefore can be a helpful option for people with weak cardiovascular functioning. The reason behind the efficacy of this dietary supplement is the heart-friendly benefits of CoQ 10. With the support of CoQ 10, Qfactor can really help in protecting our heart from oxidative stress, unnecessary fat oxidation, and damage to the heart and blood vessels.

Looking further into the beneficial roles of this supplement, in supporting heart health, the most important role is to improve energy production and its supply to the heart. This way CoQ 10 can help the heart keep going, smoothly and healthily.



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