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Collagen Benefits for Skin- Collagen Supplements in Pakistan

What is Collagen?

Collagen is getting popularity day by day due to its tell-tale benefits for the skin. And the popularity of collagen can be estimated from its presence in almost every single skincare product and skin health supplement. Naturally, collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is present in different body parts, majorly in connective tissues including skin, bones, and joints. There are different types of collagen, but collagen type 1 constitutes 90% of the total collagen present in our body.  

There are countless benefits of collagen for the skin. But here, we will discuss a few benefits of collagen for the skin.

Collagen Benefits for Skin: 

1. Helps Reduce Signs of Premature Aging 

Aging is a natural process and we cannot stop this natural process. However, we can delay premature aging by retaining an adequate amount of collagen in our body.

2. Helps Maintain the Firmness and Elasticity of Skin

Collagen is the main constituent of the skin. It is the major protein that maintains the structure of the skin. A sufficient amount of collagen maintains the elasticity & firmness of the skin and gives a fresh, and younger look. On the other hand, collagen deficiency causes the premature aging of the skin resulting in wrinkled, bumpy & saggy skin.

Does Collagen Naturally Produce in Our Body?

Collagen is naturally produced in our body from glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine. Collagen makes 30% of the total body protein. But as we age, its production and quality decrease. So, we need to take collagen supplements to maintain our body structures, majorly the skin’s firmness.  

At What Age Should We Start Taking Collagen Supplements?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer about the intake of collagen supplements at a specific age. Because there is not a specific age when we begin to take collagen supplements. However, some important things need to be considered when deciding the best time to take collagen supplements.

1. Collagen Decline Starts in Our 30s

To begin with, collagen levels naturally decrease as we get older. This typically starts to decline in our 30s and keeps going down by around 1% annually. Therefore, it wouldn't be wrong to start planning for taking collagen supplements to support our body's healthy collagen levels early before they fall too low.

2. Lifestyle Factors That Lead to Collagen Decline 

The use of excessive sugar, cigarette smoking, and environmental pollution are those unfavorable factors that cause collagen to deplete at an early age. Excessive sun exposure is also one of the worst offenders of collagen degradation. Even inadequate nutrition and sleep patterns might speed up collagen depletion and cause early aging. And above all, oxidative stress is one of the worst ever factors that cause low collagen levels in the body. Oxidative stress activates those enzymes in our body that degrade the collagen structure resulting in reduced collagen levels in the body which affect the skin elasticity.

Therefore, depending on lifestyle habits, exposure to environmental pollutants, and symptoms of low collagen levels in the body, it is beneficial to start taking collagen supplements as soon as possible to avoid big damage to the collagen structure and ultimately skin’s firmness.

Which are the Best Collagen Supplements in Pakistan?

Nutrifactor’s Gencell, Nutri Collagen, and Butex are the best collagen supplements available in Pakistan. These contain collagen from halal sources and provide plenty of benefits to our skin such as, reducing the signs of premature aging and supporting skin rejuvenation & firmness. But the benefits of these collagen supplements don’t stop on the skin, they also help reduce hair fall and hair thinness issues, and promote healthy hair & strong nails. Furthermore, collagen supplements also help maintain joint health.   

Collagen is not only a beauty ingredient but also a sign of structural strength of the skin as well as other connective tissues. So, we need to maintain a healthy collagen profile in our body to look younger, vibrant, and confident.  








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