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Cod Liver Oil vs Fish Oil: Differences & Benefits

Both, cod liver oil and fish oil, are extracted from fish and possess almost similar health benefits, as well. The major differences between these two healthy oils are the content of nutrients and the source of extraction. Although both oils are known for their omega-3 profile, these oils have a lot of other benefits too.

How are both oils different from each other?

The fish oil is different from cod liver oil in the following aspects:

1.    Source of Extraction

Generally, fish oil is extracted from the flesh of different fatty fish species including anchovies, salmon, tuna, herring, etc. Whereas, cod liver oil is only extracted from the livers of codfishes which are abundantly present in freshwaters of Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Codfishes are less fatty.

2.    Nutrient Profile

As fish oil is sourced from fatty fishes, therefore it has a higher content of omega-3 fatty acids than cod liver oil. Whereas, cod liver oil contains the extra concentration of vitamin A & D as the liver is a good source of these nutrients. Although it also contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, just a bit lower than fish oil.

Apart from these basic changes, cod liver oil also has some unique benefits to its name like, managing constipation. Moreover, here is a list of promising health benefits of using these two oils.

Health benefits of fish oil and cod liver oil

The health benefits of these oils are associated with the content of omega fatty acids and the number of vitamins present in them. These health benefits include:

1.    Heart Health

The omegas present in these oils are beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This decreases the risk of plaque formation in the vessels, ultimately reducing the chances of narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. This results in a smooth blood flow and minimizes the burden on the heart to pump the blood.

2.    Brain Functioning

The DHA content of fish oil and cod liver oil is supportive in the improvement of brain functions and cognitive behavior. Therefore, regular use of fish oil supplements can help enhance the brain’s ability to process things out.

3.    Joint Mobility

When the joints get inflamed, the movement becomes restricted, and it pains whenever the person tries to move. The omegas present in fish oil and cod liver oil help relieve this inflammation and thus ease joint movement.

4.    Immunity

Vitamin A & D present in cod liver oil are parts and parcels of a healthy immune system. These nutrients help our immune system by reducing inflammation and providing antioxidant support, respectively. Moreover, both these vitamins are also involved in the maintenance of healthy eyesight.

Use of Supplements

It is often encouraged to use fish oil and cod liver oil supplements to fulfill the need for EPA and DHA. This is because our body cannot produce these two fatty acids on its own, and the conversion from dietary sources is also not enough. Therefore, a recommended intake of high-quality dietary supplements which contain pure and premium oil is a healthy way of including these essential fatty acids in daily routine.



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