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Best Supplements to Manage Diabetes

A random rise in blood sugar levels is referred to as a condition, called hyperglycemia, and when this condition persists or keeps recurring then it is diagnosed as diabetes. This sort of change in blood sugar levels can disturb other parameters as well, like excessive thirst (polydipsia), excessive hunger (polyphagia), excessive urination (polyuria), and unintentional weight loss may occur simultaneously.

The onset of this metabolic disorder can be the result of genetic alteration or other factors like obesity, inactive lifestyle, and excessive consumption of sugary foods. In the first case, it is called type 1 or juvenile (since childhood) diabetes because it is usually diagnosed in childhood. Whereas, in another case, in which unhealthy habits lead to insulin resistance and body cells are no more responsive towards the insulin action of glucose uptake, leading to an abnormal rise in sugar levels. This condition is classified as type 2 diabetes or insulin-independent diabetes.

Diabetes is considered to be a non-recoverable disease and the only thing that can be done to avoid diabetes-related harms is to manage it. To manage diabetes a person can take the help of a balanced diet, active lifestyle, blood sugar supportive supplements, glucose metabolizing salts, and synthetic insulin.

Sometimes the sugar levels go out of control, and a balanced diet does not prove enough to manage diabetes. Here the person can use the support of dietary supplements that are purposely developed to manage the condition of diabetes. A couple of dietary supplements that contain vital ingredients to support the sugar-lowering effect of insulin are mentioned below.

1.    Glyzon Plus

Glyzon Plus is a dietary supplement with the extract of Bitter Melon and 6 other nutrients that help to lower and manage blood sugar levels. ALA, Chromium, and Vitamin D3 present in this dietary supplement are involved in improving insulin sensitivity in body cells, and therefore support efficient uptake of sugar molecules. Besides, some of the nutrients present in this dietary supplement are responsible for energy metabolism, and thus help to overcome the fatigue associated with diabetes.

2.    Glucofactor

In this dietary supplement, Chromium and Magnesium are added along with the extra support of Garlic Extract, to manage blood sugar levels. Moreover, Garlic is involved in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood that are associated with the onset of insulin resistance in cells. This supplement also has some of the vitamins from the category of B-complex; Niacin, Biotin, Folic Acid, and Pyridoxine, which are involved in boosting energy levels and reducing tiredness related to diabetes.

Although dietary supplements can support balanced sugar levels but to properly manage diabetes, it is always recommended to have a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, and regular visits to a healthcare professional.



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