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Are Glucosamine Supplements Good For Healthy Joints?

Not being able to move freely or swing the joints in full arc can be a sign of joint inflammation, known as arthritis. A joint is a junction point of two bones and to reduce the friction between those bones there is a soft tissue present known as cartilage. And, when this cartilage is damaged, the joints get inflamed, and the pain occurs. This causes a restriction in movement and thus can badly affect joint health.

How does glucosamine work?

Glucosamine is a chemical naturally present in the body and is responsible for maintaining the structure of cartilage and for keeping joints in a healthy shape. Besides cartilage, the free movement of joints also depends on a lubricating agent known as synovial fluid. And, glucosamine is involved in the maintenance of cartilage and synovial fluid by forming such chemicals which are necessary for the formation of cartilage. In this way, glucosamine supplementation can really help reverse the damage that occurred at the joint.

Apart from its role in the formation of cartilage, glucosamine can also help in reducing inflammation at joints to keep them moving and healthy. Due to excessive motion or undirected movement the cartilage, present in between joints, gets damaged and starts inflaming. This can cause severe pain and stiffness in joints, and can ultimately compromise the overall health of joints. This is where the role of glucosamine starts; it comes into action, reduces pain-stimulating factors, maintains space between joints, and this is how it maintains healthy joints.

Role of glucosamine supplements

The risk of joint pain or inflammation increases with age because the level of glucosamine decreases, as we age. In the absence of glucosamine, the cartilage between joints starts becoming hard and the joints are no more able to move freely. An insufficient or not at all intake of glucosamine from foods is another reason for its deficiency in the body. This is because glucosamine has not yet been discovered in the form of natural food.

Therefore, dietary supplements that contain a healthy amount of glucosamine are suggested as a healthy alternative to natural glucosamine, in the body. Although having a routine of regular exercise can help manage joint health, and for doing exercise, we need freely-moving joints so these dietary supplements can help in the smooth movement of joints.

1.    Jointin-D

This dietary supplement contains Glucosamine HCl, a form of glucosamine, and is highly beneficial in lowering pain, reducing inflammation, and keeping the joints healthy. For better working, this supplement also has some complementary ingredients which support the health-promoting role of glucosamine, and those ingredients are Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Chondroitin Sulfate. Moreover, Jointin-D also has the active form of Vitamin D that can further solidify the role of this dietary supplement in maintaining healthy bones and joints.

2.    Nuflex

Along with the beneficial support of Glucosamine HCl, MSM, and Chondroitin Sulfate, this dietary supplement also has an edge of the antioxidant support from Selenium present in it. Selenium is a strong antioxidant and can prevent cartilage from getting damaged by the hands of free radicals. Moreover, like Jointin-D, Nuflex also contains Vitamin D3 to support both; healthy bones and joints.

In the end, we can consider glucosamine supplements a good option for maintaining healthy joints, as no natural source of glucosamine has been discovered yet. Moreover, a speedy absorbance rate of glucosamine from supplements can further help justify its use for managing joint problems.



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