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5 Conditions Where Melatonin Can Affect Your Sleep Wake Cycle

They say ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!’. But what if you are stuck at the very first step? Lack of sleep or trouble in falling asleep can drastically impact your mental health and general wellbeing. While our lifestyle and eating habits generally impact this condition, it is mainly related to a naturally occurring hormone known as MELATONIN

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone which is responsible to regulate sleep cycle in our body. Our brain, when exposed to darkness starts producing Melatonin which signals our body to fall asleep. In contrast to this, when our brain is exposed to light, Melatonin production is decreased which signals our body to awake. 

Due to multiple health issues, medications and lifestyle changes (working late, night shifts and caffeine intake) Melatonin production is disturbed which leads to an irregular sleep cycle. 

Melatonin supplements can help in improving the sleep cycle naturally. These supplements are also beneficial in conditions like Jet lag, depression, chronic pain and dementia. 

Here are ways how taking Melatonin supplements can be beneficial for different health conditions:



Travelling across different time zones can not only cause fatigue and tiredness but it also disrupts your sleep cycle. Melatonin supplements can reduce jet lag symptoms. It improves overall alertness of your brain, enhance movement coordination and reduce daytime tiredness. 



People suffering from Insomnia experience tiredness, fatigue and difficulty in maintaining focus during their day to day tasks. Taking MELATONIN supplements can help people suffering from Insomnia by regulating their sleep cycle. It helps in reducing the time it generally requires to fall asleep. According to studies, taking melatonin before bedtime can reduce 7 -12 minutes from the time it generally takes you to fall asleep. It also improves sleep cycle in elderly people with low melatonin production. 


Limited intake of Melatonin can help hypertensive patients by reducing blood pressure. However, careful administration of melatonin supplements is advised to avoid any adverse reaction with medicine. 


Vision Impaired

Individuals with visual impairment or blindness do not receive and process light cues. Therefore, disturbance in sleep cycle and circadian rhythms occurs quite often. Melatonin supplements can improve sleep function by synchronizing your pituitary – adrenal activity with the sleeping process of your brain. 


Children with conditions such as Autism and ADHD suffer from sleep difficulties which can result in delayed learning process and easily irritable behavior patterns. Melatonin supplements can improve the overall sleep cycle in children with ADHD and helps in improving their overall learning, activity and behavioral patterns. 








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