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Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent & Control Diabetes

Diabetes is just not the end of life as it can be treated by employing a combination of lifestyle, dietary and nutritional supplements strategies as mentioned in this friendly and easy to comprehend guide, it will not only help to prevent but cope with diabetes if you already have it. 

Diabetes Type 2:

It is also known as adult-onset Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus. It is the most common and prevalent type of Diabetes due to higher rates of Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. In this type of Diabetes, our body develops resistance and does not respond to insulin, the hormone that helps to regulate sugar, starches, and the other foods used by the body for energy production and cause a buildup of glucose in the blood.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:

    Frequent urination with increase thirst and appetite

    Unusual weight gain or loss 

    Fatigue / Muscle weakness

    Blurry vision / Blindness

    Frequent infections such as gum or skin infections and vaginal infections

    Slow healing of wounds

If higher levels of sugar in the blood are not brought under controlled such early sign and symptoms can lead to various complications such as:

    Cardiovascular diseases

    Nerve damage(neuropathy)

    Kidney damage(nephropathy)

    Eye damage(retinopathy)

    Foot damage


What are the major causes of Diabetes Type 2:

The origin of Type 2 Diabetes is not autoimmune as it occurs due to the body’s inability to use insulin but various factors like increased body fat percentages, increasing age, sedentary lifestyle and no healthy activity and poor diet culture that includes junk food along that contains highly processed higher ratio of fat contents can contributes as risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes.

Diagnosis and Conventional Treatment:

Various tests such as Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, Glycated Hemoglobin A1c Test, Random Blood sugar and Fasting Blood Sugar tests are used for Diabetes type 2 Diagnosis and routine careful monitoring of blood glucose. If blood sugar is not maintained within the desirable range by changing lifestyle and diet, then one or more of drugs such as Insulin, Metformin, Glipizide, Pioglitazone are prescribed.

What do we recommend for Diabetes Type 2:

As we know Diabetes is a disease that cannot be permanently cured but it can be put to complete remission by adopting healthy lifestyle and incorporating good nutrition. Some effective ways to manage the diabetes are:

1. Regularly monitor your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and keep your cholesterol levels in normal range.

2. Take your medicine for diabetes regularly.

3.  Lose weight if you are overweight and try to maintain an optimal healthy BMI.

4.  Exercise and increase the activity levels, this will help to improve insulin sensitivity.

5.  Stop smoking as it causes the narrowing of blood vessels in people with diabetes.

Make a diabetes meal plan and ensure to:

1.  Eat small, frequent meals to keep blood sugars in a healthy range. 

2.  Reduce excessive use of sugar and salt in your diet.

3.  Consume a moderate amount of monounsaturated oils such as extra virgin olive oil, and some nuts oil.

4.  Eat fish several times a week.

5.  Consume generous amounts of vegetables like cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, beans, radishes, and spinach.

6.  Eat pumpkin seeds and almonds more often which are a great source of potassium.

7.  Cinnamon may also be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. According to research, cinnamon might be acting as an insulin substitute in type 2 diabetes.

What nutritional supplements should be taken for Diabetes Mellitus:

Along with a proper diet, healthy lifestyle and necessary medication, supplementing your diet with following important and right amount of nutritional substances can improve the risk of complications related to Diabetes.

Chromium: Chromium is a trace element which as a Chromium picolinate helps to lower fasting blood sugar by working with insulin to help transport glucose into cells. Doses up to 1,000 micrograms of GTF chromium are very effective for Diabetes type 2 and also reduces weight in such patients.

Alpha-lipoic acid: It has antioxidant properties, by improving oxidative stress and inflammation it can increase the glucose uptake into cells and inhibits glycosylation. It also helps to maintain eye health and reduces the risk of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. For Diabetes type 2, Start with 100 mg/day.

Coenzyme Q10: This genetic supplement is a powerful antioxidant that reduces blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity. It also helps to keep the heart in a healthy condition. It can be taken in a range of 60-100 mg with the meal.

  Following botanicals can also be taken along these supplements to improve the glucose levels in the body but before taking any such supplements and botanical remedies you should also consult with your Physician.

Asian bitter melon: This vegetable has a therapeutic indication for reducing the blood glucose levels in the body. So, incorporating it in a meal plan may provide beneficial effects.

Blueberries: Taking a handful of blueberries daily may help to avoid Diabetes as they are involved in processing glucose more rapidly in the body.

Prickly pear cactus: In people with Diabetes type 2, Prickly pear cactus may optimize healthy blood sugar levels.

Milk Thistle: It contains silibinin that reduces insulin resistance in people with Diabetes Type 2 and liver problems.



  Nutrifactor’s Glucofactor is a Dietary supplement for people with diabetes or high glycemic levels in the blood due to certain reasons. It helps to promote healthy energy levels and reduce Tiredness, Fatigue, Weakness due to Diabetes. It may help to prevent many life-threatening complications like Heart diseases, High cholesterol, and Macular Degeneration.

  It contains Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It is Suitable for Insulin Resistance, Pre-diabetes, Diabetes type II, Obesity, Neuropathic Pain, Tingling & burning sensation, Fatigue, weakness & tiredness.

Benefits: It helps to increase glucose uptake into the cells for proper utilization of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and prevents insulin resistance. Also helps to enhance insulin production and lowers the risk of heart diseases. It helps to prevent glucose intolerance and neuropathy.

Glyzon Plus:

  Nutrifactor’s Glyzon Plus is a Dietary supplement for people with diabetes or high glycemic levels in the blood. It contains very effective herbal extracts and minerals such as Chromium, Bitter melon extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid along with vitamin D and Biotin. It helps to promote healthy energy levels and reducing Tiredness, Fatigue, and Weakness due to Diabetes. It is designed to meet the optimal nutrient status in diabetic patients.


Other than above-mentioned products, NUTRIFACTOR’s several other products are designed that not only improves overall health but also helps to keep disease like Diabetes at bay such as:

    NUTRIFACTOR’s Tryception, Nuception and Multifactor contains chromium picolinate along with multivitamins and Minerals that are Vital for general health.

    Q FACTORNuception, and Tryception contain Coenzyme Q10 which supports the proper utilization of blood sugar along with other benefits to heart.


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