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Why Do Acne Breakouts Occur?

Why do acne breakouts occur? This question or questions related to causes and risk factors of acne have become very common, lately. And, people are in search of a satisfactory answer which we will try to provide in this article.

Our skin happens to have countless pores and within the pores, the skin has oil-secreting glands. These glands prevent excessive water loss, unwanted friction, and infections from occurring. But there is always some bad with a good as we all know that excess of everything results in something bad. Similarly, when this helpful secretion occurs in an excess amount, the clogging of the skin pores occurs as well. This clog formation, then, leads to the breakout of whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples; the different types of acne.

Why our glands produce unnecessary oil?

Unhealthy diet and stress are falsely accused of causing acne and have not been found to have a direct link with its occurrence but yes, these can make the acne worse though. Whereas in some studies, it was found that uncontrolled intake of some dairy products may lead to an acne breakout. But the factors that may directly lend a hand in the occurrence of acne are as below:

1.    Hormonal changes

The occurrence of acne is greatest among young boys and girls, and the reason is very simple which is the abnormal increase of male hormones, including testosterone. Testosterone signals the body to produce more sebum (oil) due to which clogging of skin pores occurs. Bacteria start to grow and cause an infection in that environment, and consequently, acne breakouts occur.

2.    Family history

The risk of acne breakouts increases when a person has acne issues in his/her bloodstream. In this case, abnormal secretion of oil may occur from a very little age, even during infancy. But it usually fades away with time or may persist in some cases.

3.    Use of certain medications

Unnecessary use of medicines like contraceptives, corticosteroids, and other drugs that may contain testosterone or lithium, are considered to be the cause of acne breakouts.

What can be done to prevent acne breakouts?

Although acne breakout can occur at any age, in any person at any time, some habits that may not prevent acne from occurring but can surely help to minimize its effects and stay on the skin.

    Keep the skin clean by washing it daily with a light soap to remove extra dirt and oil from the skin.

    Use the cosmetics that are labeled as water-based or non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging).

    Once the pimples have occurred, try not to touch or squeeze them as it will only spread the infection further.

    Avoid touching the face again and again as it also raises the risk of bacterial infection and damage to skin pores may occur as well.

    Use Femrose, a dietary supplement specially designed to help in balancing hormones, and can also help prevent the hormonal imbalance from occurring. As it is suggested that most of the cases related to acne breakouts are usually due to hormonal changes, thus this dietary supplement may help in managing acne breakouts by bringing a balance in hormones. This dietary supplement contains Evening Primrose Oil that is rich in Gamma-Linolenic Acid and is thought to help prevent acne breakouts by reducing inflammation and retaining moisture.



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