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Vitamin Deficiencies in Women

Although the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies is equal in both men and women, women tend to have a higher rate of such nutritional deficiencies. Reasons can vary depending on the residing area, economic status, health status, and food choices of such women. And, these vitamin deficiencies, when not taken seriously, can lead to serious consequences on both, the physical and emotional health of the women.

How do different factors lead to vitamin deficiencies in women?

Talking about the causes of vitamin deficiencies, let us start with the economic factor. Women in rural areas are often diagnosed with different vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the reason is majorly the low economic status of people living in rural areas. Unlike urban areas, the women in rural areas are not very much exposed to health facilities and a healthy diet. But this is not the case every time, and there are people in rural areas who are well to do but still face the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

This is because most of the villages are still isolated from the advanced supermarkets and other resources to fulfill their diet with healthy foods. To say in simple words, the diet of a person can be deficient in vitamins and minerals when the person is either unable to afford healthy foods or has no access to those vitamin-rich foods.

In urban areas, these issues are not seen often but still, there is a considerable percentage of women that are deficient in different vitamins and minerals. So, what can be the possible reason for these deficiencies in urban areas? When the economic factor is out, and the problem of restricted access has also been cast out, the third issue that can cause these deficiencies is the health status of women.

Women eat healthy foods, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, and still get deficient in these nutrients. This is because their bodies are not able to absorb these nutrients properly, and different health problems can lead to this malabsorption. Several stomach and intestinal issues can alter the levels of vitamins and minerals in the body, either by improper digestion or due to incomplete absorption, respectively.

Side effects of vitamin deficiencies in women

Deficiencies of different vitamins can lead to different side effects in women. Here, we’ll be mentioning some of the major deficiencies, along with their side effects, which women face throughout their lives.

Vitamin B9 (Folate): Folate is a water-soluble vitamin, and its deficiency is very common in women, globally. Its deficiency, during pregnancy, can lead to neural tube defects in the growing fetus and can also affect the mother’s health by disturbing blood volume.

Vitamin B12: The deficiency of vitamin B12 is often associated with the consumption of a vegetarian diet, as this vitamin is naturally present in animal food sources. Women who are on a pure vegetarian diet can face different nutritional deficiencies, and B12 is one of those. Its deficiency can cause disturbed blood volume and irregular nerve conduction.

Vitamin D: It is a fat-soluble vitamin, and its deficiency is also very likely to occur in anyone. The major reason behind its deficiency is less exposure to sunlight, and a diet lacking in fish and fish oil. Its deficiency in adult women will not only weaken the bones but can also de-shape the pelvic girdle, a condition known as osteomalacia.

Best possible ways to avoid these deficiencies

The two possible ways of fulfilling the requirement of these vitamins in the body are by having meals enriched with the foods that are rich in these vitamins, and by using healthy dietary supplements which claim to provide these vitamins in a sufficient amount. A diet rich in kidney beans, chickpeas, meat, egg, dairy products, fish, and fish oil can easily help in fulfilling the deficiencies of these vitamins.

But foods like eggs, dairy products, and fish are often found to have allergic reactions and thus can’t be consumed by everyone. In this case, the use of dietary supplements like Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 can prove to be handy in overcoming the deficiencies of these vitamins. Another way of adding these vitamins into our diet is the use of multivitamin supplements. And, the use of Vitamax Women can help in providing all the essential vitamins and minerals for carrying out all the functions throughout the day.



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