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Urinary Tract Infections And Supplements For Their Management

Although urinary tract infections are rarely diagnosed, they are usually caused by microbial attacks. When left unmanaged, this problem can evolve into its severe form and can cause irritation and problem in the abdominal region. The urinary tract includes kidneys, bladder, and vessels that interconnect these organs.

Actually, what happens is, the bacteria enter the urinary system and cause infection at the site. This infection can, then, cause severe inflammation, irritation, and burning in the urinary tract. Therefore, the timely management of these infections can prevent any severe damage to urinary tract organs.

What can lead to a urinary tract infection?

The management becomes easy when the cause and risk factors of a certain disease are in knowledge. That is why, we are explaining some of the main risk factors contributing to the onset of such painful infections, so that, people may start to avoid such factors in their lifestyle.

Urinary tract infections can occur to anyone, and at any age but its risk is more in women than the opposite gender. The reason behind this is the placement of abdominal organs in a female’s body. Their urinary tract is closer to a point, with a maximum abundance of E. coli (the bacteria majorly responsible for such infections).

Moreover, elderly people are also prone to develop severe urinary tract infections as the ability of the body to empty the bladder gets weaken with the age. This can increase the production of infection-causing bacteria, and so can enhance the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

Apart from these constant factors, some variables can also contribute to the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Some chronic health problems like diabetes, kidney stones, menopause, weak immune system, and prostate enlargement can be leading factors in developing urinary tract infections whereas timely actions taken for the management of these factors can prevent the onset of urinary tract infections.

Management of urinary tract infections

The management of causing factors has been talked about, now, let’s talk about the steps to take for the management of this disease. When a person is diagnosed with this problem, a healthcare professional would suggest him/her something to hinder the growth of these bacteria, along with some healthy guidelines.

Frequent intake of water, maintaining hygiene, and avoiding unnecessary intake of caffeinated drinks, are some tips that can prove to be helpful in the management of urinary tract infections.

While considering all these precautions, there are some natural herb extracts, as well, to help manage the issue of urinary tract infections. Those extracts are introduced to patients in the form of dietary supplements that contain a healthy amount of such extracts. Cranflo is also one of those healthy dietary supplements and can play an efficient role in the management of these infections. Cranflo contains the extract of Cranberries; a rich source of anthocyanins and proanthocyanins, and helps in reducing the impact of infection-causing bacteria by changing the environment in the urinary system. This dietary supplement is also loaded with the dose of Vitamin C that further enhances the role of this dietary supplement by strengthening immune response against infection-causing microbes.

There is another dietary supplement by the name of Prozon, which is a helpful supplement in reducing prostate issues. As, we discussed earlier that people with abnormal prostate health can develop urinary tract infections, as well, so the use of this dietary supplement can lower the risk of urinary tract infections in those people. Prozon contains Saw Palmetto Extract which, with the help of healthy fatty acid composition, can help in lowering inflammation in the prostate region, and ultimately lowering the risk of urinary tract infections.



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