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Magnesium Supplements in Pakistan

Magnesium is a micromineral, needed in small quantities only, then why it is so important to be discussed?

Let’s find the answer!

Magnesium is one of the seven essential microminerals and is crucial for our body, from regulating blood sugar levels to improving athletic performance. Even though it is found in a variety of foods ranging from leafy greens to nuts, seeds, and beans, many people do not get enough of it. Let’s see the benefits of consuming it!

Top 8 Benefits of Magnesium for our Body:

1.    Helps regulate the hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body

Magnesium is found all over the body. Every cell in our body contains and requires this mineral for proper functioning. The majority of the magnesium in our body is found in bones, with the remainder in muscles, soft tissues, and body fluids, including blood.

One of its primary functions is to act as a cofactor in the biochemical reactions that enzymes continuously perform. It participates in over 600 reactions in our body including energy production, protein synthesis, muscle movements, and nervous system regulation in the body.  

2.    Helps improve bone health

Magnesium is essential for maintaining bone health and preventing bone loss. In fact, our bones contain 50–60% of the body's magnesium. Lower levels of magnesium have been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

3.    May improve athletic performance

Magnesium helps improve the workout performance, of athletes. Magnesium is transported, in response to exercise, to locations where energy is produced in the body. Serum magnesium, for example, is likely to shift from serum to muscles during long-term endurance exercise to increase the workout capacity. 

4.    Helps reduce depression

Magnesium is essential for normal brain functioning and mood. Low levels of magnesium are associated with an increased risk of depression.

5.    May promote heart health

Magnesium is essential for keeping our hearts healthy and strong. It is also involved in the smooth muscle movement of the heart.

6.    Helps reduce inflammation

Low magnesium intake has been linked to increased inflammation, which can lead to premature aging and chronic diseases.

7.    Helps reduce the risk of migraine attacks

Migraine is a painful headache that frequently causes nausea, vomiting, and a throbbing sensation in the head. Magnesium helps prevent the narrowing of blood vessels caused by serotonin (a stress hormone) and supports normal blood flow in the vessels. It also helps reduce the release of pain-transmitting chemicals in the brain, thereby decreasing migraine attacks. 

8.    Helps improve sleep

Magnesium supplements are frequently used for sleep disorders like insomnia. This is because magnesium regulates several neurotransmitters involved in sleep, including gamma-aminobutyric acid.

What is the convenient way to take Magnesium?

Consuming good quality magnesium supplements like Nutrifactor’s Magnesium 500 mg is an easy way to fulfill the recommended daily dose and get the bundle of benefits of it.

It helps regulate the metabolism of the body and promotes cardiovascular health by regulating a normal heartbeat. It is also involved in cell division, energy metabolism, and protein synthesis.

So, it is good to add one tablet of Nutrifactor’s Magnesium 500 mg daily because it is safe to use and has a good absorption rate in the body. It may reduce the magnesium deficiency in the body, and maintain body functions properly.

It is clear now the multiple benefits of magnesium have made it an essential mineral that we must ensure to take through diet, and a good quality dietary supplement, to maintain normal body mechanisms, especially brain health.






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