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Health Benefits of Taking Fish Oil

Just like other essential oils, taking fish oil through diet can also help in multiple health benefits. The only difference is that people are just not aware of those benefits, otherwise, the cases of heart problems, joint issues, and blood pressure fluctuations would have been lesser in number and less severe than the current occurrence rate.

Some fatty acids are essential for our body to carry out different body mechanisms and are known as omega-3 fatty acids. The fish oil is rich in these fatty acids and some fat-soluble vitamins, as well. Taking fish oil will boost the overall health in multiple ways, like;

1.    Lowers bad cholesterol

When a person gets done his/her lipid profile, there are two words written in the report “LDL” and “HDL”, which represent the level of bad and good cholesterol, respectively, circulating in the blood. And, fish oil is involved in lowering the level of bad cholesterol while increasing the good one.

2.    Improving joint mobility

The stiffness and immobility of joints are generally due to inflammation, and in long-term duration, the cartilage between bones may also get damaged. And, taking fish oil can slow down this degeneration of joints by reducing the inflammation, and ultimately improving joints mobility.

3.    Maintaining eye health

The vitamins A&D, are two fat-soluble vitamins needed for normal vision. The fat-soluble vitamins require a fatty medium to get absorbed properly, and fish oil can provide that medium to these vitamins. In this way, fish oil can contribute to managing eye health.

4.    Supporting brain health

The brain is the central processing unit of our body and thus requires more sensitive care than other organs. The fish oil contains omega-fats that are needed for the development of the nerves, and the brain uses these nerve fibers for the conduction of messages throughout the body.

5.    Blood pressure management

Again, the role of omega-3 fatty acids is involved in the management of blood pressure, associated with its ability to lower cholesterol accumulation, to prevent plaque formation in blood vessels.

6.    Healthy fetal development

Taking fish oil during pregnancy is encouraged due to the rich content of omegas present in it. During pregnancy, it becomes very essential to support the normal growth and development of the fetus, and omegas are helpful in this. The good fats present in fish oil help in the healthier development of the brain and heart in the growing fetus.

7.    Reducing inflammation

Inflammation occurs as a result of some substances released by our body, in response to any unfavorable stimulus. And, good fats present in the fish oil decrease the production rate of those substances, consequently reducing inflammation.

8.    Beneficial for liver health

The liver is the second largest organ of the human body and is involved in several metabolic functions, including fat storage. But when the fat is stored in excess, the structure of the organ starts to degenerate and may also get inflamed (hepatitis) as well. In this condition, the role of fish oil is not just about reducing inflammation but is also to minimize the level of fat to be stored in the liver.

9.    Improving energy levels

The food we eat not only provides essential vitamins and minerals to our body but also contributes to energy production. Some foods provide fewer calories while others like alcohol and fatty foods provide more calories than other foods. One gram of fat yields almost 9 kcal and hence tops the chart of foods that support energy production.

10.    Good for skin

The health benefits of good fats present within the fish oil, also include the management of skin health. The DHA and EPA present in the fish oil help the skin by participating in the synthesis of skin and managing oil production in the skin, respectively.

Fish oil products are present in a wide range and are seemingly found to be helpful in the above-mentioned health benefits.

Omega-3 Fish Oil and Icelandic Cod Liver Oil are two highly recommended fish oil supplements with a complete composition including omega fatty acids and some fat-soluble vitamins. Taking these amazing formulations can help in promoting multiple health benefits like the reduced onset of inflammation, better joints mobility, healthier heart functioning, improved vision, finer skin, and enhanced brain functioning.



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