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Which Multivitamins are Needed for the Healthy Growth of Children?

Which Multivitamins are Needed for the Healthy Growth of Children

According to National Nutrition Survey-2018, in Pakistan, stunting is a major problem, affecting 12 million children under five years of age. Stunting is defined as, low height for age. It is a growing emergency in the country, with one of the highest prevalence rates in the world. 

Children do not reach their maximum growth potential and it may be due to malnutrition, low inclination to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, high intake of junk foods, increased consumption of large unhealthy snacks, and less awareness of consuming multivitamins in childhood, which are necessary for the proper growth and development. 

Multivitamins are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy metabolism and proper growth & development among children by increasing appetite. This article will focus on the importance of multivitamins among growing children. 

Which Children Need Multivitamins? 

•    Children who do not consume regular, well-balanced meals prepared from fresh, whole foods

•    Picky eaters who simply do not eat enough

•    Those children who consume high fast food, readymade foods like noodles, and sweet foods 

•    Children who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet may become deficient in iron

•    Gluten intolerant children need multivitamins because they may become deficient in calcium which is necessary for the strengthening of bones and teeth 

•    Children who consume large amounts of carbonated beverages, which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies

The rising trend among children about high consumption of unhealthy foods, missing meals, and sticking to only specific foods due to likes and dislikes, may cause micronutrient deficiencies, leading to stunting. To avoid micronutrient deficiencies, it is good to give multivitamins to all the kids in their growing period, so that they can attain their full growth potential.

Which Food Supplements Are Good for Kids?

Nutrifactor is offering the best quality food supplements to support the healthy growth, strong bones, and healthy immune system of children.

1.    Bio Grow Gummies

Bio Grow Gummies

Bio Grow Gummies is a multivitamin supplement specially formulated for children who are two years or older than this, to support complete nutrition and healthy growth. In a tasty chewable form, it is designed to provide benefits such as improved metabolism, stronger bones, increased energy, and overall healthy growth in children.

Bio Grow Gummies are enriched with many essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, E, and B vitamins, which assist in the overall well-being, growth, and development of children.

Bio Grow Gummies stimulate appetite and also provide complete nutritional support for picky eaters.

2.    Bio Grow Syrup

Bio Grow Syrup

Bio Grow Syrup is also a multivitamin dietary supplement but in syrup form. It is formulated with 13 essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development in children.

Children from 4- 16 years can easily consume this supplement for their proper growth and improved metabolism.

3.    VitaBite


VitaBite by Nutrifactor is a dietary supplement that contains vitamins A and D3 in a single convenient formula for maximum assimilation and absorption.

It helps maintain a healthy vision and immune system. It also helps make stronger bones and healthier teeth. 

4.    Nucal-Z Syrup

Nucal-Z Syrup

It is a multimineral formula that contains 4 essential nutrients. The presence of zinc helps boost the immune system of children. While calcium and vitamin D helps make strong bones and joints. Children who are 3-12 years old can easily consume this multimineral formula to support a healthy immune system and bone strength.

So, it is highly encouraged to add a good quality food supplement to the children’s diet and encourage them to eat a variety of foods rather than just specific foods and fast foods, which may lower their growth potential. By doing so, the prevalence rate of stunting among children under five years of age may decrease in Pakistan.







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