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Which Foods are Rich in Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin. It is beneficial for our skin, joints, nails, and gut health. It helps boost immunity in our body, and speed up the wound healing process by stimulating collagen production in the body. Vitamin C is present in different fruits & vegetables, fruit juices, natural extracts, and food supplements. This article focuses on the foods rich in vitamin C which we should consume to overcome the risk of vitamin C deficiency.

Which Foods Are Rich in Vitamin C?

Which Foods Are Rich in Vitamin C

The following foods contain a good amount of vitamin C: 

1.    Rose Hips

2.    Guavas

3.    Parsley

4.    Spinach

5.    Broccoli

6.    Lemons

7.    Lychees

8.    Papayas

9.    Strawberries

10.    Oranges

We need to take these foods in easy-to-consume forms like vegetable salad, herbal extracts, sprinkling, or garnishing forms, in order to reduce the risk of vitamin C deficiency in our body.

The most prominent vitamin C deficiency symptoms include rough and bumpy skin, brittle nails, weak immunity, dullness of the face, and weak bones due to less collagen production. 

But some of us may find it difficult to manage the intake of vitamin C-rich foods. No need to be worried about that because there is an alternate way to fulfill the body’s requirement for vitamin C. Add a good quality food supplement of vitamin C to your dietary routine to get a sufficient amount of vitamin C and its associated benefits.

Which Are the Best Supplements for Vitamin C?

Which Are the Best Supplements for Vitamin C

Nutrifactor’s Nutra-C Plus, Extra-C, and Nutri-C 1000 are the best supplements for vitamin C. They provide a healthy amount of vitamin C in a concentrated and easy-to-use form to help overcome vitamin C deficiency in the body.

Nutra-C Plus contains vitamin C and zinc, two important nutrients which act as antioxidants to provide antioxidant support to our body. Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting immunity and reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Nutrifactor’s Extra-C contains vitamin C, as well as Rosehips Extract, which itself is a good source of vitamin C to provide the maximum amount of it to our body. Another benefit of the Rosehips Extract is that it enhances vitamin C absorption in the body.

The vitamin C present in these food supplements helps maintain skin health, boost immunity, stimulate the wound healing process, and improve bone strength.

Nutrifactor’s Nutri-C 1000 is an amazing vitamin C supplement and is particularly beneficial for those people who are already deficient in vitamin C because it contains 1000 mg of vitamin C as well as Rose Hips Extract & Citrus Bioflavonoids.

This supplement helps support healthy skin by improving skin firmness and providing a glowing & fresh look. In addition to this, it also helps boost immunity, collagen production, the wound healing process, and bone strength.

Prefer consuming foods rich in vitamin C, along with a good quality food supplement of vitamin C, to eliminate every possible risk of vitamin C deficiency in the body. 







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