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Signs of Biotin Deficiency – And How to prevent it?

Biotin is a B vitamin famous for its role in maintaining hair, nail, and skin health, and is known by the names of vitamin B7, vitamin H, or “the beauty nutrient”. Biotin deficiency is very unlikely to occur, but if it does, related signs will gradually start appearing. To prevent this deficiency, a person should consume a diet comprising of different food groups.

What symptoms are likely to occur?

Biotin plays a key role in multiple biological processes in the human body. But for that, our body needs biotin in an adequate amount, and when that amount is not fulfilled, the body fails to process those mechanisms. And, this failure becomes clearly apparent in the form of different signs and symptoms which are visible to others and experienced by the person himself/herself, as well.

Signs and symptoms of biotin deficiency are as follows;

    Frequent hair loss

    Rashes on the skin

    Brittle nails


    And, mood swings, etc.

Biotin does help in managing hair and skin health, but another thing that biotin helps in is the development of the fetus in a mother’s womb. And, in the presence of biotin deficiency, fetal development is compromised which can lead to serious health defects in his/her growing age.

How to prevent biotin deficiency?

For the prevention or to minimize the risks of biotin deficiency, it is mandatory to follow a lifestyle that assures a proper intake of biotin and prevents its unnecessary excretion from the body. One thing to remember here is that biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, thus can’t be stored within the body, and therefore, must be obtained from natural foods or food-oriented supplements.

The consumption of egg yolk, dairy products, green peas, lentils, seafood, and organ meats (liver, etc.) is a great inclusion in the lifestyle to help prevent biotin deficiency. And, those who are not a fan of healthy eating can get their required biotin by using dietary supplements. dietary supplements are specially formulated in a way to complete the daily requirement of biotin and can help to cover up the deficiency, as well.

dietary supplements to prevent biotin deficiency

The purpose of dietary supplements is to provide nutrients that are not accessible to the body from other dietary sources. Nutin and Biotin Plus are dietary supplements and do the duty of supplying necessary biotin to the body. The use of these two vitamin supplements is highly recommended for people who worry about their hair, nail, and skin health or are already facing these issues.

Biotin Plus, along with the extra benefit of Folic Acid, provides a great combination of essential vitamins and helps support the body in energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, and the normal synthesis of DNA structure in a developing fetus.



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18 Mar 2022 Faiza Ashraf
Very good product

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