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Helpful Dietary Supplements in Common Cold

What is a common cold?

Common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract (nasal passages, sinuses and throat) generally caused by a group of common viruses. General discomfort, fever, headache and congestion of the upper respiratory tract are general symptoms of a cold. The throat becomes red, sore and dry along with sneezing, discharge of mucus, white blood cells, dead organisms and water.

What dietary factors are important in the common cold?

Management of every disease raises the need for modification in the diet of that affected person. In the same way, increased consumption of fluids; water, soups, broths and low-fat milk, along with the intake of protein, Zinc and Vitamin C rich foods, are dietary modifications that can help in the management of cold.

Fluids, like soups and broths, improve the efficiency of white blood cells against infectious viruses. Whereas sugar dense fluids do vice versa.

How dietary supplements can help in the common cold?

Dietary supplements containing Vitamin C and Zinc can be helpful in strengthening the immune system. And, increased immunity can help to counter the symptoms of these issues in a better way.

1.    Extra-C

This dietary supplement contains two powerful antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C and Rosehip Extract, which support the immune system and can help the body to fight against harmful viruses. This supplement can also be used to improve the overall health of the skin.

2.    Nutra-C Plus

Nutra-C Plus is a dietary supplement that contains two powerful antioxidants; Vitamin C and Zinc. Zinc is present in the form of Zinc gluconate which has a good absorbance rate. With the combined effect of these two antioxidants, this supplement can help in promoting the overall health of a person by increasing the immunity in the body.

3.    Nutri-C 1000

This dietary supplement contains Vitamin C, Rosehip Extract and some Citrus Bioflavonoids. Along with providing immunity, these nutrients are also helpful in promoting tissue repair and improving skin health. These nutrients also help in slowing down the aging process.

4.    Nuzinc

This dietary supplement contains Zinc Gluconate that is efficiently absorbable in the body. After getting absorbed, zinc is utilized to enhance the functioning of the immune system which can help to manage the cold. Zinc is also involved in improving reproductive health.

5.    Nucal-Z

It is another dietary supplement available in two formations; tablet and syrup. Tablets are composed of Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium. All three of these minerals have collective roles in promoting overall health. Better nerve conduction, stronger bones, active muscles and enhanced immunity are some of the benefits these nutrients can help in. In syrup form, Nucal-Z also contains an active form of Vitamin D (D3), which enhances the absorption of Calcium in the body.

Generally, with a healthy, functioning immune system, a cold should not last more than three or four days at the most. Taking these supplements may not prevent the onset of cold but can help in speedy recovery by supporting the immune system.



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