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Best Herbal Supplements for Healthy Weight Management

Best Herbal Supplements for Healthy Weight Management

Nowadays, most people are focusing on weight loss instead of weight management which is rather important for long-term fitness goals. Because when people merely focus on weight loss, they blindly follow different types of diets without the recommendation of any dietitian or nutritionist resulting in different health issues. Although these diets cause abrupt weight loss, the results are temporary because of fewer scientific facts. When people stop following those diets, they are no longer able to sustain the weight loss journey instead of, they regain the lost weight along with some health complications such as hormonal issues, acne breakouts, digestion problems, etc.

It is always recommended that whenever you plan to start your weight loss journey, always focus on healthy weight management rather than only weight loss, and follow science-backed dietary habits with the consultation of a dietitian or a nutritionist.

This article will take you through some of the healthy weight management tips so that you can find what suits your needs the most!

Best Ways of Healthy Weight Management: 

Eating a portion-controlled diet, doing regular physical activity, and consuming the best herbal supplements which contain potent herbal extracts with a bundle of active bioactive compounds are the best ways for healthy weight management. 

Furthermore, limiting risk factors of weight gain also helps in controlling overweight and shaping the body.

What are the Risk Factors of Weight Gain? 

•    Diet high in saturated fats, sugars, and highly processed foods   

•    Genetics or family history

•   Sedentary lifestyle (doing almost all types of activities by sitting or lying with little or no physical activity at all)   

•    Stress

•    Inadequate sleep

The weight loss or weight management journey demands consistency and motivation to achieve the desired goal. To remain consistent with your journey, you need to focus on the benefits of weight loss.

What are the Benefits of Losing Overweight?

Maintaining weight in the normal BMI range provides multiple health benefits and reduces the risk of several diseases because obesity is considered the mother of diseases. Several benefits of reducing overweight include:

•    Trimmed body in proper shape

•    Improved self-confidence

•    Reduced joint pain

•    Decreased risk of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, liver, and stroke

•    Improved blood sugar levels

•    Better sleep

•    Decreased stress

•    Improved energy metabolism 

•    Balanced hormone levels

•    Reduced risk of fertility issues 

Best Herbal Supplements for the Healthy Weight Management:

1. Green Tea Complex

Nutrifactor Green Tea Complex

Nutrifactor’s Green Tea Complex contains Green Tea Extract which has been known for so long for weight loss. Green Tea Extract is a source of numerous bioactive compounds such as polyphenols and catechins which provide powerful antioxidant protection to the body. The bioactive components boost energy metabolism as well as increase the fat-burn mechanism. 

It also helps support a healthy cardiovascular system, reduces oxidative stress, and helps boost immunity. 

2. Leanax

Nutrifactor Leanax

Nutrifactor’s Leanax is a herbal supplement with a blend of natural and pure herbal ingredients and is specially designed for healthy body weight management. It contains vital extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, and Ginger Root which support a healthy metabolism, help burn fats and reduce body weight, naturally.

Bioactive compounds such as polyphenols and catechins present in Green Tea Extract offer powerful antioxidant protection, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) present in Garcinia Fruit Extract helps to control appetite and inhibit the cellular synthesis of fatty acids by blocking the Citrate Lyase enzyme.

Ginger is famous for its ability to soothe a sour stomach and supports digestive health. It also has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties and also supports the healthy metabolism of the body. Chromium Picolinate, present in Leanax, is a trace mineral that is necessary for healthy glucose and carbohydrate metabolism, thus helping to regulate blood glucose levels and may also support healthy body composition.

Vitamin B1, B6, B12, and Biotin are also present in Leanax and collectively contribute to boosting energy levels.

3. Lipozin

Nutrifactor Lipozin

This herbal supplement contains a potent Garcinia Cambogia Extract which constitutes Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) as a primary bioactive component, that helps reduce appetite and manage healthy body weight.

Garcinia Cambogia has been used for ages by traditional herbalists. Garcinia's main bioactive component HCA helps to inhibit Citrate Lyase, which is the main enzyme responsible for the cellular synthesis of fatty acids. It plays an important role in healthy weight management.








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