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Best Fish Oil Supplements Available in Pakistan

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which are involved in reducing inflammation and improving brain & heart health. For those, who don’t eat fish or other food sources of omega fatty acids, can fulfil the requirements of EPA and DHA through fish oil supplements. These fatty acids are essential for the body because the body cannot synthesize these fatty acids on its own and should be taken through either diet (fatty fish or plant seeds) or supplements.

Why do we need omega fatty acids?

Fats are generally considered unhealthy, whereas the reality is completely different. Some fats which are also known as good fats, classified as omegas, are involved in the production of essential hormones, conduction of nerve impulse, maintenance of the blood circulation and performing several other functions. Besides, omega fatty acids are also required by our body to enhance brain development and lowering bad cholesterol in the blood.

How can we add good fats into our daily diet?

Generally, it is considered that fats are only obtained from animal sources, but we can also get fat from plant sources as well. Just like this, two important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), are obtained from animal sources; fatty fish and fish oil, while ALA (alpha linolenic acid) which is another omega-3 fatty acid, is present in plant base foods. Prior to use, ALA is first converted into EPA and DHA by our body.

Following are the rich dietary sources of omega-3 fats:

    Fatty Fish (Salmon, Sardines and Cod Fish)


    Flax seeds

    Chia Seeds

    Pumpkin Seeds

    Walnuts, and other nuts

As mentioned earlier, some people may not be able to get omegas from diet, so they need supplements to fulfill their body’s need of omega-3 fats.

Fish oil supplements for the best omega-3 supply

Here are a few fish oil supplements that can provide the best support to heart and brain health:

1.    Icelandic Cod Liver Oil

It is a fish oil supplement which contains 100% of oil extracted from fresh livers of the Cod Fish. It not only provides rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) but also a considerable amount of vitamins A, D and E. Due to this extraordinary nutrient profile, this fish oil supplement can help in improving heart health, reducing inflammation and enhancing brain functioning.

2.    Omega-3 Fish Oil

This fish oil supplement contains natural fish oil which provides a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA). Each serving of this supplement contains enough amounts of EPA and DHA which can help in improving the overall health of heart and brain. Besides, these fatty acids are also helpful in reducing joint pain and other inflammation-related problems occurring in the body.

Fish oil supplements are helpful when taken within a controlled dose. If taken in exceeded amount, it can lead to bowel issues. So, it is always suggested to use these supplements according to the recommendation of a healthcare professional.



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