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What Are Food Supplements? Are They Safe to Consume?

Food supplements are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or herbal ingredients in the form of capsules, tablets, liquid extracts, softgels, and gummies. Food supplements are used to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies of the body that are not fulfilled by daily diet. 

The popularity of food supplements is increasing among people day by day. This is because a lot of people are deficient in one or another nutrient, due to unhealthy dietary habits, or maybe the inability of the body to absorb certain nutrients due to some health concerns like side effects of infections or diseases.

Indeed, there are a lot of benefits of consuming food supplements. But these cannot replace the value of fruits and vegetables which are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients to provide maximum nutrition support to the body.

What are the benefits of consuming food supplements? In reality, food supplements fulfill the nutritional gap that is left behind due to an imbalanced diet. Another benefit is that food supplements provide multivitamins and multimineral in a condensed form i.e., in the form of the tablet, capsule, softgel, gummy or liquid extract which are easy to consume even if you’re in the office, driving, or at any other place where it is difficult to consume nutrients from the balanced diet. 

Who Can Take Food Supplements? 

Food supplements are significantly beneficial for those people who are already deficient in vital nutrients due to certain reasons. And, those people who are unable to manage their optimal nutrition in this modern era due to the excessive consumption of processed foods i.e., chips, snacks, crackers, etc., can find more benefits by consuming food supplements and fulfilling their nutrient needs. 

Those people who have high nutritional requirements than the general population get more benefits from consuming food supplements such as; pregnant women need Folic Acid supplements for a healthy pregnancy and the development of the fetus, athletes need L-Arginine food supplements to improve their stamina,  women of reproductive age need iron supplements to fulfill their iron needs which lose during the menstrual cycle, growing children need supplements like Bio Grow Gummies and Bio Grow Syrup for the healthy growth and development, adults & older age people need calcium and vitamin D supplements to maintain the bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and overall, almost everyone needs multivitamins for the general wellbeing. 

What are the Side Effects of Food Supplements? 

Food supplements within the recommended dose are safe to use. They don’t pose any side effects if taken within the recommended amount. If we exceed the recommended dose and frequency, they may cause toxicity, allergic reactions, vomiting, and abdominal pain. 

Which Are the Best Food Supplements in Pakistan? 

Nutrifactor has manufactured a wide range of the best quality supplements to ensure the wellness of everyone, according to their needs, such as;

Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Kids’ Health, Beauty Range, Hair Care, Softgels, Sleep Support, Multivitamins, Blood Sugar Support, Bone and Joint Health, Weight Management, Immune Support, Heart Health, Brain Support, and Vision Support. 

One can consume any of these food supplements within the recommended dose, or according to the recommendation of a healthcare professional, depending upon their health concern. Pregnant and lactating women, those who are allergic to any nutrient, or are suffering from serious health issues must consult a healthcare professional before consuming any healthcare product. 








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