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Use Of Tea Tree Oil For A Blemish-Free Skin

Tea tree oil is an essential oil obtained after steaming tea tree leaves and is recommended for topical use. It is available in different forms (oils, lotions, serums, gels, and soaps) and is marketed for having acne-free, and blemish-free skin.

What are blemishes, and how do they occur?

A blemish is referred to any spot, mark, or discoloration that is present on the skin. Blemishes are usually unharmful, but in some cases, a blemish can be a signal of cancerous growth under the skin. Acne, age spots, birthmarks, melasma, and papules, all are different kinds of blemishes.

Several viral and fungal infections can result in the onset of skin blemishes whereas a person with a strong family history of blemished skin can also face this issue at any stage of life. Besides, an unhealthy lifestyle can also be a leading factor in the occurrence of blemishes. When a person is not eating healthy or spends a lot of time in a polluted area, he/she can also get blemishes.

The ultimate reason behind getting skin blemishes is the clogging of pores which increases oil production under the skin, and consequently leads to acne, pustules, and other forms of blemishes.

How does tea tree oil help?

Tea tree oil contains naturally occurring chemicals, which possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and thus can prevent these harmful microbes from spreading infection. Moreover, tea tree oil is also a good anti-inflammatory agent and helps reduce the inflammation caused by the damage of skin cells. In this way, tea tree oil can also cover up the damage caused by different environmental pollutants.

Some research studies have shown wound healing effects of tea tree oil, as well. Therefore, we can say that tea tree oil takes care of the skin by fading blemishes, repairing damage, and reducing inflammation.

How to use tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is generally recommended to apply topically on the skin, and sometimes after mixing with some diluters. Different supplemental forms of this oil are also available in the market and are frequently used by people for getting rid of skin blemishes. Nutrifactor is marketing a Tea Tree Oil which contains a 30% diluted form of natural tea tree oil and is a great option for having blemish-free and fresh skin. It helps to stop microbial growth on the skin and can help prevent the onset of different skin problems.

But before using this beneficial oil, it is suggested to follow few precautions to avoid any side effects and have prominent results.

    Before proper use, do a patch test which means first try on a little patch of skin to verify whether the skin is reactive to tea tree oil or not.

    Be careful while using it around the eyes, as tea tree oil can irritate.



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