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Upset Stomach and Dietary Supplements for Kids

Digestive system is considered to be the most important biological system, in a human body. Its importance is not just due to helping the body to digest the ingested foods, but it is also responsible for the absorption of the digested nutrients. Furthermore, the acidic pH present inside stomach proves to be lethal for most of the disease-causing microorganisms.

So, when the working of this system gets compromised, this can lead to malabsorption and deficiencies of several nutrients that are essential for normal functioning of the body. Not just this, an upset stomach can also increase the risk of different health complications, by weakening immune system.

Dietary precautions for kids

Kids, like their nature, have soft digestive system, as well. Therefore, they need foods which are easy to digest and soft on their gentle tummies. Foods like boiled or mashed veggies, soft fruits or fruit juices, minced meat lightly cooked in healthy oils, eggs in boiled form and low-fat dairy products are best choices to introduce in a growing kid’s diet.

Meal comprising of above-mentioned foods will not only be easy to digest for kids, but will also be a complete pack of essential nutrients, a growing body of kid craves for.

On the other hand, highly processed foods or foods that are too high in fat content can really upset the stomach, even in the case of adults. Such foods stimulate the stomach to produce excessive digestive acid that can cause harm to the walls of the stomach. This can further lead to acid reflux, stomach ulcers, and abdominal pain in kids. Moreover, these foods make the digestive environment unfavorable for gut bacteria, also known as probiotics, and can cause bloating and inflammation in stomach.

Can dietary supplements help to cover up nutritional deficiencies?

There can be several reasons due to which a kid may face stomach discomfort, and when this happens the kid may get deficient in nutrients like Iron, Zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin C and many other nutrients as well. Now, a kid is facing nutritional deficiencies and that too with an upset stomach which means he/she can’t gain these nutrients by digesting complex foods like those mentioned above. Then, what should be done? Here’s an idea, dietary supplements which are specifically designed for these scenarios, can help.

Bio Grow is a dietary supplement especially formulated to support the growth and development of growing kids. It contains 13 vital nutrients to support the overall health of kids with the help of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C, B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E).

These nutrients present in this dietary supplement will not only help the kid to fulfill his/her deficiency but will propose several other health benefits, as well. Know what these benefits are?

Immune support, healthy appetite, enhanced growth and improved development are some of the key benefits, this dietary supplement can play a role in. Iron, Vitamin B6 and B12 are nutrients with a basic role in improving brain health by producing some neurotransmitters and regulating mood swings in that particular person. Whereas, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are strong antioxidants naturally available to the bodies. With their strong antioxidant action, these nutrients prevent bodies from different infection by supporting immune health.

With all these super benefits, Bio Grow can be a good option in improving the health status of kids.



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