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Importance of Zinc and Its Natural Sources

Foods not only provide energy and nourishment but can also provide protection against harmful effects of pathogens and reactive oxygen species. Especially the foods which contain antioxidants like Zinc are very important for making our immune system strong. In case, a person is not able to cover up the required amount of Zinc from foods, he/she can benefit from zinc supplements to gain the optimal amount of zinc per day.

Why zinc is needed for our body?

Due to its antioxidant properties, zinc becomes a vital mineral for our health. Most of the diseases that a person faces, are usually the side effects of oxidative stress and zinc is helpful in balancing the condition of oxidative stress. In addition to this antioxidant support, zinc is also involved in:

    Growth of the body

    Normal vision

    Immune system

    Thyroid functioning

    Wound healing and much more.

All these key roles are enough to support the importance of zinc in our body. As zinc is also not synthesized inside the body, a person must take zinc either from foods or supplements. Foods which can provide a healthy amount of zinc include, seafood, legumes, meat and some seeds. Dietary supplements are better in a way, as they can provide a quick supply of nutrients.

How Supplements Can Help Fulfill Zinc Deficiency?

When a person is not able to take zinc from natural foods, he or she may get deficient in this essential nutrient. Therefore, zinc supplements can be of great assistance in fulfilling this deficiency. Zinc supplements contain zinc salts which are better absorbed in our body, and following supplements can provide the similar action.

1.    Nuzinc

This dietary supplement contains Zinc Gluconate that is efficiently absorbable in the body. After getting absorbed, zinc is utilized to enhance the functioning of immune system, improve eye health and reduce acne. Zinc is also involved in improving the reproductive health.

2.    Nucal-Z

It is another dietary supplement available in two formations; tablet and syrup. Amount of Zinc present in these supplements can help to overcome the deficiency in the body. Better nerve conduction, stronger bones, active muscles and enhanced immunity are some of the benefits these supplements can help in. Vitamin D present in the supplement helps to improve Calcium absorption.

3.    Nutra-C Plus

Nutra-C Plus is a supplement source for two powerful antioxidants; vitamin C and Zinc. Zinc is present in the form of zinc gluconate which provides good amount of Zinc due to a good absorbance rate. Moreover, with the combined effect of these two antioxidants, this supplement can help in promoting overall health of a person.



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