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Cover the Skin with Nutrients, Not with Make-up

Skin is the largest organ a human body carries. Skin acts like a packing around our body, which not only gives our body a perfect look but also protects it from the invasion of different pathogens and toxic chemicals. Besides, the appearance of the skin depicts overall health status as well. When a person is on a healthy diet, his or her skin will look healthy as well or vice versa.

How skin reacts to different environmental factors?

Although our skin is naturally designed to act as a potential barrier against the harms of multiple toxins, sometimes even the skin wears out and cannot perform efficiently. This happens when the skin is under constant attack of damage-causing factors and starts losing its ability to resist such factors.

Misuse of makeup products; whether to use in excess or not removing them properly, can block the skin pores either temporarily or in some cases, permanently. Skin pores are involved in eliminating toxins, which are produced inside the body. But when these pores are blocked or not able to transfer the toxins out of the body, skin gets damaged.

On the other hand, suppose a person is not using too much makeup and still, the skin gets damaged, how? That is probably due to the quality of makeup or maybe the sensitive skin of that particular person. Sometimes, chemicals used in cosmetics are too toxic for the skin to bear, or maybe the skin is too sensitive to survive even the lightest of chemicals. In both scenarios, the skin is deficient in nutrients it needs to become strong and flexible.

Apart from these common causes, exposure to harmful rays of Sun, x-rays, or getting in contact with toxic chemicals, are some other causes of skin damage.

Nutrients that can improve skin health

Nature is the best healer, and for skin, nothing can be more effective than the intake of nutrients naturally present in our environment. Let’s briefly talk about some of those vital nutrients one by one.

1.    Vitamin C

This water-soluble vitamin, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is widely known for its immunity enhancement but this does not stop here. The other properties of this vitamin include antioxidant action, collagen synthesis and wound healing which are related to protecting skin from free radicals, improving skin flexibility, and making the skin heal faster, respectively.

2.    Vitamin E

It is a fat-soluble vitamin with a strong antioxidant mechanism. This property of Vitamin E is used by the skin to protect itself from the harms of ultra-violet lights and intense sunlight. It also protects the skin from the toxins produced within the body.

3.    Biotin

Biotin is an essential vitamin because it belongs to the category of water-soluble vitamins which do not store in the body and must be taken daily from an external source. The main purpose of this nutrient is to generate energy from ingested food, but in another perspective, it also helps in improving the overall status of hair, nails, and skin as well.

4.    Glutathione

Glutathione is a vitamin-like antioxidant, abundantly present in our body. This nutrient, with its strong antioxidant action, prevents skin cells from the attack of free radicals and harmful radiations. Moreover, it also boosts the working of other antioxidants as well.

How to add these nutrients to the daily diet?

There is a saying, “you are what you eat!”. Here’s how we can explain this. The food we eat is metabolized for the development of body cells including skin cells. And our skin cells get replaced after every 27 to 28 days which means whatever we have eaten in the last four weeks will take place as our new skin cells. So, would it not be better that our skin is formed of healthy nutrients rather than toxic and unhealthy substances.

And for that, a diet rich in nuts, meat, citrus fruits, and foods like spinach, okra, cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage), will provide a complete pack of all the vital nutrients needed for better skin tone. Although foods are effective sources of vital nutrients but are slow in the mechanism. And to get a quick and effective way for the intake of such nutrients, dietary supplements can help.

1.    Glutazon and Gluta Fair

Both these supplements contain a good amount of Glutathione which supports antioxidant actions and the detoxification process in the body leading to fresh and smooth skin. It also enhances the activity of other antioxidants, vitamin C and E.

2.    Dermazon and Maxzoom

Vitamins and minerals present in these dietary supplements are in enough amount to promote skin health through different mechanisms like collagen synthesis, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory actions.

3.    Biotin Plus and Nutin

Biotin Plus and Nutin are dietary supplements with enough Biotin present in them to help in improving skin, nail, and hair health. As biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so it should be delivered to our body on daily basis.

4.    Extra-C, Nutra-C Plus, and Nutri-C 1000

This complete range of Vitamin C along with other beneficial antioxidants is positively helpful in improving overall skin health through different mechanisms including antioxidant effects, collagen synthesis, and wound healing abilities.



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