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Summer Nutrition Tips – What Foods to Eat and What to Avoid?

Taking care of nutrition in summer is somewhat challenging. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose wisely, what to eat and what to avoid. Most of the time, we only consume specific foods depending on our food preferences neglecting the importance of taking a variety of foods. During summer, we should eat a variety of foods especially those, that are high in water content to stay hydrated. Fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of water along with a lot of vitamins and minerals as well.

So, it is a good choice to add fruits and vegetables in high amounts to the diet to stay hydrated, active, and fresh all day. The best summer diet includes all the food groups in the recommended proportion such as whole grains, protein (especially, from plant sources), low-fat dairy products, fruits & vegetables, and low amounts of fats and oils.

Best Nutrition Tips for Summer

1.    Maintaining hydration status at optimal levels

Maintaining hydration status at optimal levels

Due to heatstroke and high temperature, our hydration status gets lowered easily in summer. It is necessary to keep our hydration status at the optimum level.

To stay well hydrated, children who are 1-3 years old need approximately 4 cups of beverages per day, including water or milk. The quantity increases to around 5 cups for older kids who are 4-8-year-olds. The children aged 9-13 years need 9-10 glasses of water. And those who are 14 years or older than this need 10-14 glasses of water. However, the fluid requirement varies with the weather conditions and person to person. 

Due to low water levels, our bodies would not work properly. Because all the metabolic processes need water for their proper functioning. So, it is highly encouraged to keep the fluid balance in the body especially in summer to avoid dehydration and its associated problems.  

2.    Eat a rainbow diet 

Eat a rainbow diet

Colorful fruits and vegetables contain high water content along with a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to regulate metabolism. They also protect the body against oxidative stress due to their antioxidant properties 

Consume an adequate amount of these foods with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One can also add these to the diet as a snack in the form of vegetable salad, fruit salad, whole fruit, fruit juice, or vegetable juice.

3.    Physical activity

Physical activity

Physical activity increases metabolism and provides a cooling effect to the body. It is a great lifestyle modification to add some sort of physical activity. Going for a brisk walk early in the morning in the park, or ground to take fresh air is the best way to stay active and energetic all day. Early morning jogging is also a good exercise to stay healthy and energetic. 

4.    Dietary supplements

Add an energy-boosting supplement to the diet that helps keep the energy levels and hydration status at optimum level in summer. 

What are the best energy-boosting supplements in Pakistan?

Nutrifactor’s Vitamax Women

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Vitamax One A Day Multi

For men; Vitamax One A Day Multi is a dietary supplement that contains 19 vital nutrients specially designed for men’s daily nutritional support. It plays important role in energy metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and supporting bone & muscle health.

Nutrifactor’s Multifactor

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