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L-arginine Benefits and Supplements in Pakistan

The human body is majorly composed of muscles, which are basically protein in nature. For protein synthesis, the body needs building blocks in the form of different amino acids, and L-arginine is one of those amino acids.

L-arginine is considered a semi-essential amino acid that is generally produced by the human body and does not need any extra supplementation. But in some cases, like pregnancy, infancy, critical illness, or when the body becomes deficient in it, some extra supply may do good in overcoming the situation.

The property of L-arginine to convert into nitric oxide, a molecule mainly needed for smooth blood flow, has gained it a lot of health benefits including maintaining heart health and improving erectile dysfunction. For a detailed look, let’s go through these benefits one by one.

1.    Management of blood pressure

Nitric oxide, which is produced as the result of L-arginine metabolism, is responsible for vasodilation (making the blood vessels wide enough for the blood to pass smoothly) and transferring the blood throughout the vital regions of the body. In this way, people who face frequent raises in blood pressure can benefit from the intake of L-arginine.

2.    Lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a state associated with pregnancy, in which the blood pressure keeps rising along with excessive excretion of protein through urine. And, L-arginine can help in preventing or minimizing the severity of this condition by dilating blood vessels and managing blood pressure.

3.    Better athletic performance

Athletes require constant and efficient blood flow to carry out the activities. In addition to this, proper and strong muscular development is also necessary for long-term performance. And, L-arginine is involved in both the mechanisms as it supports smooth blood flow and synthesis of different amino acids that are needed for muscle development.

4.    Immunity enhancement

The body’s immune system comprises different cells, including T-cells that are responsible for fighting against foreign particles. And, for the formation of these T-cells and for making the immune system strong, the body needs arginine.

5.    May help in erectile dysfunction

The role of L-arginine in improving erectile dysfunction is related to its ability to improve blood flow. By making the flow of blood fluent towards the reproductive system, and allowing the muscles to contract and relax easily, L-arginine can help in managing this condition.

Dietary supplement that contain L-arginine

Although the need for L-arginine from an external source is very rare, in case the body needs an additional supply, one can easily get this nutrient from foods like meat (poultry and fish), and dairy products. But except for the dietary sources, dietary supplements are also good sources of L-arginine.

1.    Duron Plus

Duron Plus is a dietary supplement for men’s health with the extracts of several health-promoting herbs; Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris, and Eurycoma Longifolia. And, to make their working easy, the addition of L-arginine and L-citrulline is also done. With the combined effect of all these ingredients, this dietary supplement can help in boosting energy levels, minimizing fatigue, and enhancing the vitality and virility of men.

2.    Nuception

This dietary supplement is formulated to promote women’s health, particularly those who are planning to conceive. The 21 vital ingredients, including L-arginine, present in this dietary supplement are extraordinarily helpful in supporting fertility and hormonal balance, in women. Moreover, some vitamins and minerals present in this dietary supplement are directly involved in the maintenance of immunity, fetal growth, cell division, and the nervous system.



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