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How to Improve Sleep Patterns in Children?

Good sleep, a healthy diet, and healthy physical activities are considered as the basic rights of our body, all having similar importance in making our health better and better. Whenever any one of these gets out of order, different health issues may arise including stress, indigestion or bad vision, etc.

But let’s talk about why sleep patterns get disturbed, how bad sleep is associated with different health problems in children, and what can be done to improve it?

Causes and Risk Factors

Nowadays, the most prominent cause considered for disturbed sleep patterns is late-night exposure to screen. What happens is that the blue light which comes out of the phone screen suppresses the production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, leading to insomnia or restlessness. The blue light actually acts like daylight causing our brain to think it’s still daytime, and not releasing melatonin. Therefore, it is suggested to sleep in a room with dim lights to improve the quality of sleep.

Besides, some physical disturbances (pain, etc.), health complications are also considered effective in causing sleep disturbances whereas the occurrence of insomnia associated with drug-abuse is very rare in the case of children.

Going deep into this discussion, this will be unfair to neglect the role of diet in fluctuating sleep patterns. Currently, the dietary pattern of children comprises of consuming sugary foods in excess and that too right before going to bed. When we eat something sweet, it goes straight into the bloodstream from where it is transferred to the brain, causing our brain to stay awake a little longer.


Now, what can be done to improve these habits so that children may have a sound and restful sleep? The answer is simple! We can help improve their sleep patterns with 2 easy steps.

1.    Removing the risk factors

Removing the causing factors will automatically eliminate the disorder as well. So, first of all, try to limit the use of light-emitting accessories almost 2 hours before going to the bed. Make sure to not let the children eat anything within 45 minutes of going to bed. Avoid making children sleep with lights on or in a noisy place. Don’t let the children wear heavy clothes at bedtime as it may cause congestion while sleeping.

2.    Switching with healthy habits

Done with the things that should be taken out of the routine of children to improve their sleep. Now it is the time to add a few things in the daily routine of children to help improve sleep pattern in them. These changes include; consumption of protein-rich foods as the last meal of the day, experiencing physical activity rather than being active online, provide them a calm and relaxing environment to sleep, and let them wear the clothes they feel comfortable in.

All these modifications in the lifestyle of growing kids can help improve sleep patterns in them, and this will also provide them an ideal growth to show their maximum potential in every field of life. Because a body that can’t sleep well, also can’t perform well in the practical field. Although it is not encouraged to use supplements for improving sleep patterns in children, if an adult is facing sleep issues, he/she can count on dietary supplements for better and sound sleep.



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