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Glutathione Helps Boost Your Immune System!

Glutathione is well known for its antioxidant properties and it is also called the mother of all antioxidants. But do you know what antioxidants do in our body and how they are beneficial for us?

Let’s look into it!

All the antioxidants, including glutathione, neutralize the free radicals by reducing them. Free radicals are the most reactive species which cause oxidative stress in the body. They carry uneven electrons which make them the most reactive species. They quickly react with other molecules and make a chain reaction, called oxidation. What antioxidants do, is they give electrons to these reactive species and neutralize them to protect the body from oxidative stress. 

If the balance of antioxidants like glutathione and free radicals gets disturbed, oxidative stress occurs in the body which can cause damage to our fat tissues, proteins, lipids, and even our genetic makeup (DNA). 

From this, we can estimate the importance of glutathione as a master antioxidant and its role in our body. 

But the long tale story of glutathione and its benefits doesn’t stop here. The antioxidant property of glutathione has a crucial role in keeping our immune system healthy.

How Does Glutathione Maintain Healthy Immune System?

Glutathione (GSH) helps regulate innate immunity at various levels. In fact, it won’t be wrong if we say that our immune system works best if the immune cells have an adequate level of glutathione. Even moderate changes in the intracellular glutathione level can affect the functioning of lymphocytes greatly. The severely low levels of glutathione can increase the chances of bacterial infections leading to the increased risk for the onset of sexually transmitted diseases.

What Causes Deficiency of Glutathione?

Glutathione levels in the body may be lowered by several factors including;

•    Poor nutrition

•    Environmental toxins

•    Stress

•    Overage

How to Fulfill the Deficiency of Glutathione in the Body?

Glutathione is naturally produced in our body. And some foods also contain glutathione but in a small amount. The easiest way to fulfill the deficiency of glutathione is to consume a premium quality L-glutathione supplement which has a high absorption rate in the body.

You may be curious to know about the best glutathione supplements in Pakistan.

Let’s know about it!

Nutrifactor’s Gluta Fair, Gluta Glime, and Glutazon are the best dietary supplements that contain glutathione in a healthy amount to give us antioxidant support and reduce oxidative stress in the body.

1.    Gluta Fair

Nutrifactor Gluta Fair

•    Gluta Fair contains L-glutathione along with vitamin C to maximize the antioxidant support.

•    It helps lighten dark spots and reduce the signs of premature aging of the skin, and maintain healthier skin with a vibrant tone. 

•    It helps reduce oxidative stress and also assists the liver in detoxifying toxins from the body.

2.    Gluta Glime

Nutrifactor Gluta Glime

•    Gluta Glime contains L-Glutathione along with vitamin C, ALA, and vitamin E.

•    These all act as antioxidants for maximum antioxidant support to strengthen the body’s defense system.

•    Vitamin C specifically helps make collagen which is important for young and healthy skin.

•    While ALA helps to promote the production of glutathione and recycle vitamin C and E.

3.    Glutazon

Nutrifactor Glutazon

•    Glutazon contains 500 mg of L-glutathione, which plays a vital role in maintaining cellular health by neutralizing free radicals.

•    It supports a healthy immune system and also helps to regenerate other antioxidants, vitamin C, and E.

•    It helps to replenish glutathione levels in the body that has been decreased by age or a state of oxidative stress.







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