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Folic Acid Tablets, Benefits, and Importance During Pregnancy

Why is it necessary to talk about the importance of folic acid among women again and again?

Let’s have a look at the reason behind it!

Folate is a B vitamin, also called Folic Acid. It is important for everyone including men and women. But it is critically important for women of reproductive age specifically those who are planning to conceive or are already pregnant. Folic acid is used by the body to synthesize DNA and new healthy cells in the fetus.

Taking folic acid before conception can ahelp prevent major birth defects in the fetus. Birth defects are known as neural tube defects (NTDs). It is because the nervous system gets defected lowering the cognitive development and learning abilities of the fetus. To help prevent NTDs, women should take folic acid every day, before getting pregnant.

What are the benefits of taking folic acid in pregnancy?

It provides a lot of benefits to the pregnant women and the fetus as well, including;

•    Helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly

•    Helps reduce the risk of congenital heart diseases among newborns 

•    Helps reduce the risk of the premature birth of babies

•    Helps prevent miscarriages among pregnant women

•    Helps maintain a healthy pregnancy 

•    Helps boost the cognitive development of the babies 

When to start taking folic acid, and what dosage of folic acid?

The CDC recommends taking folic acid every day for at least a month before pregnancy until the first trimester. But how much it should be taken daily? The recommended dietary allowance of folate for women of childbearing age is 400 mcg. And pregnant women should take 600 mcg of folate daily.

Mostly what happens is that pregnant women don't get to fulfill their optimal levels of folic acid from diet, either due to limited dietary options or the hormonal changes that can alter their preferences or likeliness toward certain food options.

The benefits of folic acid for the fetus and mother's health indicate the importance of taking folic acid during pregnancy to not only support a healthy pregnancy but also to prevent the risk of birth defects among newborns. To help with this, a pregnant woman should consume an adequate and recommended amount of folic acid in the form of good-quality supplements, just like Nutrifactor's Folic Acid.

Best Folic Acid Tablets in Pakistan

Nutrifactor has manufactured good quality Folic Acid Tablets according to the recommended dietary dose of CDC for women of reproductive age.

It helps promote healthy maternal tissue growth and immunity during pregnancy, and it also helps lower the risk of miscarriage. Folic acid also helps reduce the likelihood of anemia during pregnancy or menstruation.

Folic acid helps to lower homocysteine levels in our blood; higher homocysteine levels can lead to serious heart complications.

Consuming 1-2 tablets of folic acid helps maintain a healthy pregnancy, and reduce the risk of neural tube defects among babies.  






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