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Best Anti-Aging Supplements

Aging is a fact of life that can’t be denied, and every person is continuously going through this process. The only difference that matters is how a person is living through it? The quality of aging, how well a person has lived, majorly depends on what lifestyle that person has opted for.

There is a fun fact, “every 7 years our body cells are completely replaced with new ones” which means that our body never gets older than 7 years. But the process of replacement gets slower and slower with age, and thus the symptoms related to aging start appearing.

The word anti-aging does not mean that a person will start to grow back into his/her teenage years, it means that the symptoms, which show up with increasing age, will be delayed indefinitely. When this natural process of aging is disturbed, the symptoms start appearing before time, and this is known as premature aging.

Causes of premature aging

Several factors can be possible reasons for facing premature aging, and this can even be the result of genetic modification. It is believed that excessive smoking, exposure to intensive sunlight, unhealthy diet, and stress are the factors that can trigger the onset of premature aging in the susceptible person.

Drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks causes dehydration in the body, and this can further lead to skin cell damage and premature aging. Another aspect of dietary malfunction is when a person is consuming too much sugar and refined products, as this habit is associated with damage to the skin over time.

Ever heard of beauty sleep? Let us explain! When a person sleeps, his/her body goes into the phase of that cell replacement which we have mentioned earlier. And, when the body does not get this sleep, the cells are not regenerated, and thus not replaced. So, we can say that everyone can experience a beauty sleep. This is why disturbed sleep is also counted as a leading factor in the onset of premature aging.

Some anti-aging tips

Here are few helpful anti-aging tips;

    Keep the body hydrated.

    Don’t go for extra tanning.

    Avoid exposure to harmful rays (X-rays, UV-rays, etc.).

    Pack daily meals with foods that are rich in antioxidants and water content (fresh fruits, cucumber, citrus fruits, etc.).

    Use healthy dietary supplements which are enriched with the qualities of making skin look younger and healthier.

Since we have talked about the use of anti-aging supplements, what are those supplements and why should those be chosen? Such supplements are basically formulated on the health benefits of different natural herbs or plants. For example, Grape-C is a dietary supplement that contains the extract of Grape Seed, which has been clinically proven to have anti-aging effects on the skin, and the presence of Vitamin C in this supplement enhances its anti-aging role by multiple times. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and so are the polyphenols present in Grape Seed Extract, which is why these two ingredients help prevent premature aging by reducing free-radical damage to the skin, and by supporting skin cells integrity.



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